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Real Estate Transfers

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May 19 - Wm. P. Gale and wife to H. W. Hanford et al., Bridgewater, $1,875. Jas. P. Bycraft and wife to Clay W Alexander, Dexter, $350. May 20- Stephen W. Andreas to Mrs. L. S Harper et al., Milan, $750 Robert Leach and wife to Anna Walsh, Lyndon, $250. Wm. H. Heath et al. to Charles A. Heath, Augusta, $1. Louis Rhode and wife to Frederick Rettich, Ann Arbor, $110. John Ross and wife by sheriff to P. w. Cleveland estáte, Ypsilanti. $167 60 Frank P. Glazier and wife to Alice A. btimpson, Chelsea, $500. Alice A. Stimpson to George P Glazier, Chelsea, $1. May 21- Frederick Steinkohl to John Trolz Sharon, $710. Bogëfla'tm311' WÍfe t0 PhilAÍkuW.Sf01 tO MadaIe Doty, Harlow Orcutt to Mary Cornwell, Ann Arbor, $1. _J5n M'ner, trustee, to Huron Valley ?rbor'n$l Md Lan associations. Ann Homer C. Cady et al. to Jane C. Schryver, Ann Arbor, $1 300 Fanny Hooker et al. to Meivin Q Hooker, Augrusta, $1. Fanny Hooker et al. to Willis A. Hooker, Augusta, $1. May 23 - James L. Dennison and wife to G M Hams, Saline, $800. James L. Dennison and wife to G M. Harris, Saline, $800. pLnrd ?hr and wife by sheriff to $1 709' cashier, Manchester, Paul F. Sehlanderer to Wm J Ramey, Ann Arbor, $300 Harvey S. Day and wife to David Curry and wife, Augusta, $55 Malvena Rooney to Huron Valley Arbor1Iil00and Ann "tónSSSf to Elvira - Love" May 24 - YSmnüe$rneS t0 TraCy U Towner. azz?harles - Barnes ToCrk?r$U5f 86SmUh ' Mary B" BrayMay 25- Ch"toeya,EDePeW t0 ChaHeS J' DePew' CheasreaE$lDePeW t0 EIizabeth Depew, Northflfef SS? tO MaUriCe F" LantZ' ïïtwgg-t1' t0 KichGeorge St'oll and wife to Michael Orauss, Ann Arbor, $197.50. ivllcndel