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Postmaster Beakes desires The Times to say to persons who desire to correspond with any of the members of Company A to address the-ir letters to "Chiekamauga, Georgia," instead of "Chickamauga, Tennessee." There is a Chickamauga in Tennessee but that is not where the boys are. At the recent reunión of the Michigan Loyal Legión in Grand Rapids, Claudius B. Grant, of Lansing, was elected commander for the coming year. The new commander is chief justice of the Michigan supreme court, and is a gradúate of the University of Michigan, and this state has always been his home. After graduting from the University he taught school for three years and in 1863 went into the army as captain in the Twentieth Michigan Infantry. He was promoted to major, and a year later was made a lieutenant colonel. At the close of the war he returned to the University to take a course in the law department. He was admitted to the bar in 1866 and began practicing in Ann Arbor. He was city recorder and postmaster, served two terms in the legislature, and was elected regent of the University. When Jim Robinson, of Detroit, was m the city the other day he tola a good one on the Detroit Naval Reserves, and tbere being many in this city who have acqiaintances in the orranization the story will be appreciatud ïere. The Reserves were on board the Yosemite and the flrst real duty they lad was to unload the freight boat 'Alice," which had come up with supplles and transfer the 'heavy boxes and barrels to the Yosemite. Now the Naval Reserves are made up mostly of young men who would not know a lawn mower or snow shovel in a practical way from an Esc.uimaux fan, and there are some doubts if many of them ever did any harder work than blackening their own shoes and hardly that. The mate on the Yosemite started to break the lind-lubbers in and worked them handling the heavy freight from 5 o'clock in the morning till X o'clock at night. Many were the backaches that night but the mate was unyieiding and the next morning he was arcund at 5 o'clock rousing the boys up to go to work again. Harry Joy turned over in his bunk and shouted to Sam Harris: "Sara, remember the Alice." "Good God," said Sam. "Can I,ever forset her." WM. F. LODHOLZ, Grocer, corner Broadway and Canal streets, sells 12 bars of "Sunflower Soap" for 25 cents. KILL THE BUGS. With Paris Green from C. Schlenker's, the West Liberty st. Hardware man. SUNFLOWER SOAP. Twelve bars of this excellent Boap for 25 cents, at Wm. F. Lodholz's, corner Broadway and Canal. THE WAR IN CUBA has not interrupted the sale of firstclass groceries at reaeonable prices at Davis & Seabolt's. OR SALE- Eggs from English Ringneck Pheasants, $3 per setting of thirteen. When several settings are taken at one time a special rate will be giver.. Eggs delivered after April 15. Will also exchange Pheasant eggs for Wood Duck nests. For further information address A. S. Cooper, Howell, Mich., or George R. Cooper, Ann Arbor. juiy x THE PORTLAND CAFE. Th Portland Cafe has been removed to E. Huron street, next door to the Cook house, where they have a fine dining-room and are prepared xo serve good meals for 25 cents. Meals at all hours. Good table and the best of service. 36tf C. Sehlenker sells furnaces and all kinds of builder's hardware at rock bottomo prices. ti Money to loan in sums of five hundred to three thousand dollars. J. H. ORTMAN, 12 Wall street, City. O.. P. Vogel's meat market on Vf. Hurón street gives tsading stamps. HOUSE-CLEANING IS HERE. Buy your wall finish, paints, oils, etc. at C. Schlenker's Hardware, W. Liberty. Cholee Wines and Liquors for Family Use at JOHN C. BURNS, Arlington Place. FORTUNE FAVOItS THE BRAVE And good health favors those who drink none but Ann Arbor Brewlng Oo.'s Pure Beer. Peone 101. DON'T SWJ5AR OPF But make up your mind to buy your tneats from L. C. Weinmann's unexeelled stock. FOR SALE- New íesidence in best part of the city. Hardwood finish and all modern improvements. Price low Terms easy. CHAS. A. WARD, Democrat office. TWELVE BARS Of Sunflower Soap for 25 cents at W. F. Lodholz's Northside grocery, corner Broadway and Canal streets.


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