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The Democratic Party Is Down On The

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program :for a winner in Wash.tenaw county this f all. W.hen the new war revenue b-ill gets inlo full swing the consumer ma,y by close application discover wtio pays the tax. In that glorious victory tob by the anti-Judson faction last Tliursday the fateful leadership of the ïtegiöier can be plainly discerned. The quality of the brick selactad for the pavement of Main st. is the subject of considerable criticism. It eertalnly is nat a first-class article. The . recpgnition paid by the Republican county convention to W. W. Wederaeyer was a high compliment to that very deserving young man. Moran's sub-lunary torpedo, which was calculated to blow up Billy Juds'in's late convention, was evidently spoüed by too much handllng. Billy Judson has not yet decided up"): what particular place on the tail of his jjolitical kite he will aitach Moran's ne w young men's Republican club. With Wedemeyer, Townsend, Smith, Spalding and Bishop to piek ïrom, our Republiean friends will be iiajid to please if they have any trouble in seléiting a candidate. Mark Hanna has assured Oiio RepubJlcans that "me and the president" are the whoie thing. We have suspected ihis far a.long time and we are glad to have the question authoritatively aettled. As .the-Republi'can party assumed .the credit of the boost Joe Leiter gave the vvheat rnarket, perhaps it will also assume r.esponsibility for the remarka.ble drop in all breadstuffs the past week. And the most edifying spectacle connected with .the Reputolican love feasts (?) laat sveek was the passing oí the Seventh ward Republicans. The smile of peaceXiil content as they passed iis.der Judson's .rod was a sight for sore eyes. The Democratie state conveution whieh met ai Grand Rapids Wednesday .placed in nomination a clean ticket with the name of Justin R. Whiting at lts head, and .adopted a platform to which any trae Democrat may subscribe. In his anxiety to provide the sons of nis political friends with good commissions in the military service, McKinley has overlooked several Democratie postnasters who are still stumbling blocks in the way of the Jiighest realiza tion of Republican ambition. It is to be regretted that the Demo■ cratic state convention at Grand Rapids did not shake off the unwieldly and cpnfusing name under which the party has navigated since th.e Bay City convention of 1896 and resume its proper and time-honored name of Democratie. There was nothing to be lost and everything to be gained by pursuing such a eourse. The esteemed Times is for eornpromise with the street railway apon the question at issue over the use of the streets. But 'the city has nothing to compromiso. The street railway has the exercise of a vaiuable franchise in our streets. It is a conveniente to the pu'blic it is true. But it is a ;onvenience from which its promoters .'■xpect to get ampie returns. It is no more than right that the city should have in return for the use of the streets such fixtures as will make a croditable appearance. There are numerous riders of bicycles, and drivers of vehicles, too, for that matter, who could learn rith profit to themselves and conveniente to their fellow passers upoá the highway the simple yet important rule of keeping upon the right side of the road. Tbis is especially significant upen those streets which are encumbered wiih street car tracks. It is not enough to keep upon the right side of the traveiled way upon each side of the street railway. The rider or driver who consults hls own safety and the conveniof his fellows will pursue thac which is upon the right of the street.


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