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One On Newkirk

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Probate Judge Newkirk, who alwoys earries about with him a seemingly inexhaustibie stock of rib "roasts" which he never tires of ur.loading upon his friends whem occasion offers, '.ambasted Ed Lamb unmercifully in a Musonic li.imiuct at Ypsilanti a few months ago. Proxa that moment it was Lamb's unfaltering ambition, which he treasured in the safety deposit box of his heart iy da,y and tucked under his pillow by Jijght, to festoon his belt with the judge's scalp. And the opportunity carne Monday. Lamb, in the archives of sanie back yard in the Greek city, had unearthed an aneient pistol. Bui-nishing up this aneient weapon and borrowing one of Ed Allen's iiercest expresslans, Lamb hastened by foreed marches to the probate eourt room in .Ann Arbor. He found the pro"bate court in session, surrounded by numen, u.s elients, lawyers and hangers-on, but he conly inserted himself into the proceedings, cruised down in front of the oudge's desk, opened a bo'mbardment upon the court with hls eJassic weapon and demanded immediate capitulation. JSTewkirk's hand flew up with the precisiĆ³n of one trained to the movement. The spectators were horrified. Pete Lehman, the judge's body guard, es-tablished a reputation as a blockade runner and has not been apprehended yet. When the court had sufflciently rogained its hearings to appreciate an argument enforced by a 24-inch gun, Lamb delivered himself of a lecture upon the usually brief .earthly careers of those who indulge too freely in promptu roasts, and for a peroration presented the olii horse pistol to the judge for his cabinet. The sigh of relief which the judge heaved when he tumbled to the fact that it was all a joke was the most realistie part of the whole performance.


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