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A Morphine Fiend

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MRS. WILLIAM J. CLARK (suicide), Sunday, May 29. ALBERT BUCHHOLZ (drowned), Sa-turday, June 4. ROSE SUTTER (burned to death), Friday, June 10. THOS. P. KENNEDY (killed by cars), Sunday, June 12. DR. J. B. COLÉ (suicide), Sunday, June 19. That is Ann Arbor's record of fatalities during the past three weeks, and most of them have happened on Hunday. The Buchholz drowning can be lECluded ín the list of Sunday fatalities, th,e body having been found on the morning of June 5, and it cannot help but make one wonder what unusual mortality will occur in the city on June 26 coming. The University furnished the Sunday sensation yesterday when Dr. J. B. Cole, of Wabasha, Minn., who graduated with the medical elass of 1SS1, was found dead in his room at the home of Mrs. A. L. Howard, 612 Hill st. Saturday after breakfast Dr. Co'e went down town and purchased a bottle of chloroform. Nothirg was seen of him during the day and late at night one of the studente living in the same house tried to enter Mr. Cole's room but found it locked. Yesterday morning upon his failing to put in au appearance the door was forced open and the dead body was found lying on the bed. In one hand the tottle of chloroform was tightly clutched, and the othtr heW a handkerchief to the nostrils. On the table was found a letter addressed to nis brother Harry and gave the cause for his ending his life. It read in part: "If ever a man had need of help it is I. I need $25 to get to Dwight wnere I can take the Keeley cure. This morphine habit is killing :ne and if I cannot get help life will not be able to bé endured. I want to brace up and be a man." About three weeks ago Cole arrived in town and told the lady of whom he rented his room that he had come to pursue soine special studies ir. the medical department. Soon after his arrival he began to act strangely, and before the end of the week he gave evidences of being crazy. He estatolished a verita'ble reign of terror in the house in which he roomed. The other roomers siept with bolted doors and in momentary expectation of same violent deed en his part. He would rave around his room until late at night, jumping up and down and shouting at the top of his voice. During the day he was usualiy quiet. A search of his room while he was absent one day revealed the fact that he was a victim of ihe morphlnc habit. A week aso he had all his teeth extracted. Among other letters found was one from his wife and another from a friend, which indicated that he was a morphine flend, and that after having becoming a wreek at home he had come to Ann Arbor to have his teeth extraeted and was afterwards going to Dwight, 111., to take the Keeley cure. They all expressed the hope that he would soon return home completely cured, and be a man. The coroner's inquest was held this morning and the jury broughi in a verdict that the deceased carne to hifi death by administering chloroform and morphine with suicidal intent.


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