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President Angelí has thrown up nis ministerial joto as Turkish minister from the United States, and will return to ïiis duties at the University of Michigan. Well, it's about time. The peopie of this state are registering a big kick on this state institution, which is floating along on reputation, iinder peanut-headed politicians are regents ,and a class of instrucors in some departments whose brains show the effects of curculio sting, and lack of spraying when developing. It is time Angelí carne home and started in on such a course of reform as is neeessary to bring the University of ulichigan back to a position where taxpayers will willingly and cheerfully give it support. One professor i.s ,i teacher of , English composiUon. He is a great judge of argument. He Wants his. student 3 to study the science oí strong argument, so he selecta a 'amphlet written by a craek-brained Dutch lunatic, who years ago was so potferfully argumentative that he had to ;;et out of his own country to save his precious brain. The "argument" of Cari Schurz on finance, in favor of a gold standard, is offered by this professor of American English as the acme of strong argument and choiee English. He says he does not select it because he wants to uphold the gold standard, but because he wishes to train his students in the science of argument. The first he knowa he will have these students, like the Rotterdam advocate of a pernicious financial doctrine, in such a eondition they will argue themselves out oí a conviction every full moon. Caa-1 Schurz has held political opinions a!l alcng the line since he was fired out of Amsterdam and landed in America to particípate at once in politics to the sorrow of every political party with which he has affiliated. The students in "English" are advised that this is a "masterpiece of argument," that alleges among other thingo that the farmers who are not prospering are those who are meddling with politics. It must be left for a politicaï outcast from his own country to adop: politics in this country, and argue the merits of a gold standard. If therc it a student in the University of Michigan who can't make a stronger argument for the gold side than is made by Schurz, he better goh ome and attend district school for a few weeks. The professor should be taught the American alphabet, and learn the ABC of debate, viz: that assertions are not facts. If the University of Michigan is to teach English composition from poiitical speeches f partisan poliücai cranks, whose untra views lead them to disregard truth and pay no heed to facts, the sooner we know it tne better. There is no argument whatever in Schurz' speech. It is neither loglcal, truthful or grammatical. It favors a gold Standard because the author belleves in a monarchial form of ment, and in the financitl policy of a country wliich wont tolérate Schurz in its borders. The editorials of any Repu'b'lican paper are just as good as argument as the speech of Schurz, which is siinply stolen thougïits from newspaper writers and not original with the Germán exile, who is no credit to the country that kicks him out. Soon he will select some tract on religious doctrine, and show what a "strong argument" can be made for some creed in religión, Baptist, Methodist, Universalist or Presbyterian, just as he personally advocates. The Universily needs broader minds in the roster of irstructors, that it may be an educational institution, independent of political or religious creeds. Angelí cannut get home am oment too soon. There is a great interest just now in the city of Santiago, with its 400 years of history. Next to Santo Domingo, it is the oldest standing city in the new world. The name signifies in English St. James, and has been variously called San Jago, San Diego and Santiago, all with the same meaning. It is ocated 450 miles in a direct line southeast of Havana. It is the residential town of the Archbishop, and is the point at which severa] yearly religlous festivals are celebrated with great pomp. The American navy and army WÍÜ celébrate the Fourth of July at Santiago henceforth and forever more. Special advices from Madrid say that Spain is in a state of absolute terror. The fall of the monarchy is now more than ever imminent. Eight thousund troops have been brought into Madrid to protect the queen regent and cabinet from the threatening crowds, which are practically in possession of the streets. All the forts are being strengthened in anticipation of an outbreak. Rumors that an American squadron is on its way to bombard the coast cities caused the Cadlz fleet to return, and this has greatly inflamed public indignation. Matters in all the larger citles have assumed a very serious phase, and internal disruptions are feared by the authorities. If Prof. Scott wishes his students to appreciate the full force of Cari Schurz's argumentative skiil he should rèfer them tQ page 438 of Vol. II. of Blaine's "Twenty Years in Congrress." The literary style of the "Plumed Knight" is faultless, and l?is dissertation upon Schurz is edifying if ndt complimentary to the distinguishetf renr egade.


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