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II. N. Keyes, of this city, has had forwarded to him from nis sister, Airs. Garrett Wiers, of Kalamazoo, a letter from her son, who is with Dewey at Manila and who took quite a prominent part in the celebrated naval battle. The letter reads as follows: Manila Harbor, May 3, 1898. Dear Mother- I wrote to you on the 27th of last month that I did not know whether I would ever get a chance to write again or not. But this will not be far off when that reaches you. I have drawn a rough sketch of our position so it will be a little easier understood. We arrived at the island at the forts at midnight. We passed Jver the fifty mines before they discovered vs, and after we had passed they fired four shots at us. But they were not able to train them but one way. We got in back of the island and laid tiH morning. At 5 a. m. they fired the first shot and we were waiting for them. We fought for two hours and fifteen minutes. Then we withdrew for breakfast. At 11 a. m. we started in again. At half-past one they pulled down ensign and hoisted a white flag. Then the Petrel steamed into the little bay at the arsenal and I am happy to say that I, with five other volunteers and an officer, set fire to seven gun-boats. We destroyed 14 boats in all. Three eruisers were set afire with the guns. One cruiser, a gunboat and two torpedo boats sunk. We have not learned how many :n;-n were killed or wounded on the Spanish side, but they ran up awful high. On our side there was not a man killed and only three slightly woundad out of 2,000 men. Eight shots is all that toached any of our six ships. Monday, the 2r:d, the magazines surrenderad at noon. Three hundred soldiers and a staff of offlcers surrendered at 5 p. m. I don't think that the trouble is al' ovor yet. I will bring this to a close as I have very few minutes tĂș et it posted in. Good-bye to you all and may God bless and keep us alive. Yours,


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