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The common counoil held a session -Miinday wlth a full board present and every alderman, with the exceptiun of Aid. Coon, got his back up higher at the Detroit, Tpsilanti & Ann Co. than a six months' old kitten would at the sight of a strange dog. City Attorney Butterfleld was told that he had backing and to give the street railway eompany all the legal fight they wantod on the paving question. In fact the aldermen seemed to have on their flghting clothes last night. Tlie m started out with a lively on the question of improving North División M. The oouncil had ordered gravellng done from Hurón to Kingsley to Huron sts. and some Tfliam laid on N. División. The board of public works returned an estímate of $475 for the graveling and s4:l Hess $185 for material already on hand), 'i il' t 11 f inn na rl um Aid. Hamiiton- "I will never vote foi that estímate on División sí., ai move to refer it back to the streel eommittee.'' Aid. Cady supported it. Both took occasl in to mast the amount. saying that it looked as big as a month's 1 bilí to a dead broke student. Aid Br uva :-ad the work had been orderec and, as it was neeessary, it did not matter whether the estímate was too high or too low - it oug-ht to pass. Aid. Kooh said that the work could be squeezed below the estímate considerat)ly. Aid Hamjlton's motion was carried just the way Hayes got into the Presidential chair- 8 to 7. The board of public works was instructed to help out the editors by advertieing for bids for the culvert on W. Huron st. The cost of the storm sewers on Washington, Liberty and William sts. were figured out as $1,325.70, and Contractor Clancy was permitted to see the ghost walk to that extent less 10 per cent kept back to insure that the constructlon is all rig-ht. The petitions were referred to the proper committees: Por grading and Gecfdes ave. from University ave. to cemetery; for a patrolman in the Fifth ward: for a sidewalk on Second ave. on the east side of the street from Jefferson to Madison sts. ■ The grade on Oxford st. from the northeast corner of Washtenaw ave to the center line of fiill st. was ordered changed. The committee on streets recommeiidttnnlfe followlnS: n appropriation uf 00 for turnpiking Main st. from Cathanne to the depot; that BroadTvav be graveled from the bridge to Jones st " he center of the road; that a culvert be constructed on Third st becofofï'"113 We-inston 4ata cost of $iio; that the city enmneer fm ish a grade tor Peár sí. and ai the street commissioner be lnstrucfed clean up the rubbteh; that he city fur msh the stone and the property ovvnepave the gutters at their o wn ex pens on the north side of HillTt between park on. the banks of the Huron " Cit Attorney Butterfield réportéd that h had secured options as follows: On Va 'r o-htUnf eaSteHy alOng the Huron ll way across the 'and oí Geore ïfciand in the river; a right of vut ZeT fl land of Gteorge Wicks! 00 the land between Cedar Bend ave an for lfooonorKer' 5ontaiine lacres ior ii.000 pn -condition that thp r-irv mamtain the fen'ees and keep order n , The ProPs'S wTre „ó giabbed at with an alacrity that nre enviné ?fflCÍ?' Play =round forPh city in that vicinity, and the clerk wn the east apparatus room and wi Tt C0rLí eXCe6d 50 Carriedf at "-itj Attorney Butterfield t'hpn m„j„ iure so that the drivewav will bp nn a Pavlng question He reminded theln ïsfactory results were ohtaini i, Uvelyrefued"1 oadoCmPany ha'd P "! Aid. Kpeh- "I would ask the oltv at S3i- '= 10 ao just what we want but it i. Aid. Hamiltcn- "I move that the citv wavrntoyi?riro0ef "ln8t the reet ra ii The ' motion was carried fcy a votP ThO k Coon bein theyminorlt y The board of public vorks was authorized to purchase 20,000 feet of ok SousánifOr crM-w1' t 5 per The council then adjourned. i


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