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Electric Road To Lansing

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Noüwlöistanding reporis to the contrary, the electric road project is not dead yet. In fact it is very much allve and each day see some progress made towards realization. Last Monday the board of directors held a meeting in Lanslng and considerable besides the routine business was done. A surveyor was eng-aged to begin work next Monday to make au official survey and profile of the entire route. A proposition was received f rom a responsible contractor to build and equip the line under certain conditions, tho io:id to be Hnished by July 1. VSrj. He was given a four-months' option. This necessitates raising the full amount of the bonus ör very near it. If this proposltion does not go, the direetors have BtllI another in view, and if the bonus is raised the latter will work beydnd a doubt. Matter? at the end of the line are now in a decidedly interesting phase. Jt seerns to have grotten Into a of push between Lansing and Mason. Eaeh place wants the road but Lansii 'l want Mason to have it, and it seems to be a ques'ion of how much Mason wlll give to have it or huw much will give for M not to have it. In the meantime. the ■iieetors are "sawing wood," and if the Mason peopje are onto their job they will be sawing wood too. BVom this distance, it looks as though Möson muit havo the road or ultimately disir from the face of the map. It is evidently purely a matter of business with the companv. The town that puts up the 'most cash gets the road, for, as we underatand it, there 3 no differer.ce in the proposed routes as to distance, either by Mason or other way. The wiiole matter seems to have reached a critical stape and it behooves the towns that expeot to be on the line to close up their work at once.- Dexter Leader.


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