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Grabbed For The Bonds

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Aini Aroor is tumbling all over itself trying to get some of those government bonds on the cali for a $200,000,000 popular loan. Up to July 14 there wlll be only bonds of $500 or less given out, and it is estimated that Ann Arbor peopie have already applied for S50.000 worth in these small sums, although the blanks have only been placed bo that the public could get at them since Friday. At the postoffice $Í2,000 worth of money orders for bonds have been sow. At the Savings bank $11,000 worth h", 1,1, !T Farmers and Mochantes bank $13,000 worth of drafts have been sold to customer.3 that will go for these small bonds. At the other two banks tnere have been large demands for application blanks. and if there is sueh a demand all over the country as there is in Ann Arbor the emtire $200,000 000 will be taken i.p without askicg persons to go after the larger sized ones. ine oíd Jingo song of "We've giit tha men, we've grot the ships, we've got the money too" is about right. and Sagasta have to sharpen his pencil down to a pretty fine point if he can figure out how he is going to lick Únele Sara


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