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Here is a new that has been worked in this city. About this time of the year students are hurrylng to get their trunks packed, and baggage men in just as nueh of a hurry to get the trunks to the depot. Rverything is in a rush. Yesterday a studnt in the vicinity of the high school returnedc to his apartments and found a stranger seated there. "Ia that trunk ready to go?" the fellow inquired. "What trunk?" "The ene that was ordercd to be to the depot." "There is no trunk here to go to the depot." "There must be sorae mistake aboul it scmewhere. There was an order left at the barn. Maybe they made a mistake in the number. I will gro to the nc-xt house ar.d see," said the stranger. and ii.' w.ilki .1 calmly down the stairs. After he had gone the student went to the dresser for fcis watch and iound that it had disappeared. The stranger liad probably gene through the rooms and found the timepiece, but before hu could. get out of the house the ovvner had returnea, ana hearing him come up the stairs had impersonated a baggageman so perfeetly as to disarm any suspiclan. The student c'id not even stop to think that there was no bagg-age wagon in front of the house until after he found trat his watch was gone. He feels sure that the imposter took the tieker as he had only been absent from the room but a few minutes.


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