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Spain Is Now Weakening

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London, June 22.- The Paris correspondent of the Pall Mali Gazette says it is expected that an event of importance in the opening of peace negotiations with the United States and Spain will occur within a few days. OF OAMPAIGN. Work of Landing and Advaneing WIU Tako üp Considcraulo Timo. Washington, June 22.- The arrrval oi' the 5th army corps under Gen. Shafter at the rendezvoAa vff Santiago develops the most interesting con't'ingency ot the war and there is a great earnestness for authentjc reports describing the lebarkation of such a great military force upon the shores of a country held by in active enemy. The difficulties involved in this landing are thorouglily Rppreciated by military and' naval men. who are unable to conceal their uneasiness regarding its practical execution. According to the plans arranged before Gen. Shafter sailed, his fleet of 00 transports will ]ie at a safe distance from shore while a war council Cs being held between the commaniSiog offlcers of the two forces and tteir chiei f staff offlcers. Admiral Sampson Jias robably become familiar with the rast acceptable and least dangerous :-calities in the immediate vicinity oí Santiago through Communications continually maintained with the Cubans asiore. He is also possessed of the power to batter down any ■ tions which may havs been establishe'i In the nsighborhood ofr the most desirable landing places, and whether the . position in Guantanamo bay, forty miles east of Santiago, or that of Aserradero, ten miles west of the main objective point, is selected, will depend largely upon the condition of the troops and the amount of caution it is considered expedient to exercise. There is a wide divergence of expert opinión regarding probable duration of the military campaign before the faü of Santiago. Army officers, who, wltü Gen. Miles, deprécate the expos'íre oí American troops to unnecessary risks declare that they would not be surprised if an entire week were consumed in landing the army and perfecting ita orgaization ashore before the actual it;oe ar:ross country is begun. They have tfiticipated that a great number of horaes and mules will die on the voyage ud that all the surviving animáis will ]. practically unflt for use for at lea?" four or fivo days after they cegain terra fi.'ma. TO PRKEBVE MEAT. Consnl HuShe Thi„J„ It Coala Be Csed for tfess Ariuy, New York, Jus 22.- A special to tüe Times froin Washington says: Oliver S. H. Hughes, cons.ti at Sonneberg Gsrmany, in a report datd April 27, 'tells ot a new method ot preserving meat His report is as folio ws: "A new me'hod of preserving freshly killed meats has been discovered by tfce Danish zoologist, August Fjelstrup, already well known through his method of condensmg milk without the use of guaar ti,a system-according to the printed reports-has stood a remarkably hard three months' test at theOdente (Dauish) oompany's slaughter lious-s 'n a very satisfactory manner. The methoA m itself is extremely simple and talght oe of great service for the trooüs 'it the tropics-the writer háving hai nsiderable experience in tryin to keep meat fresh in Cuba. The animal to Do used is first shot or stunned by a shot from a revolver-loaded with smaslugs- in the such a way as not to Injure the brain proper. As the animal drops senseless, an assistant rata down over the heart, opens a ventricle and allows all the blood to flow out, the theory of this being that .h6 decompositie of the blood is almost entire y responsibie for the quick putiefaction of fresh meats. Immediately thereafter a briny solution, made of coarse or fine salt more or less atroag accordine to Ipnp-th nf nr . be kept, is injected by means of a powerful syringe through .the other veatncle mto the veins of the bodv. CHIXA INSür.TS DEWü-v Supply Sbip Hustled Away with but Very Scant Cereinony New York, June 22.-A Hongkong cable states that the American fleet's supply ship Zafiro, sent there by Ad miral Dewey to obtain food and other necessities for the fleet, and which anchored in Chinese waters a few miles from here, has been ordered away by the Chinese authorities. These men refused to allow the Zafiro to buy either coal or provisions, and ordered Consul Wildman to get the ship out of the empire's Jurisdiction at once. Not even the customary twenty-four hours' notice was given. The Zafiro is now in British waters at Hongkong. Representations by the Spanish minister are understood to have caused China to take the offensive action against the United Stat. The new fiag staff for the University oampus has arrived and it is vn immense thing. The lower 80 fe-3t is of tubular iron and arrived here all ■■■iveztd up. The upper 70 feet will le of wood, making the staff 150 feet. high. It will be placed in the center of ihe campus near the founUin.


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