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Spain Is Now Weakening

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London, June 21. - The Paris correspondent of the Pall Mali Gazette it is expected that an event of iraportance in the opening of peace negotiations with the United States and Spain will occur within a few days. DtllATIOX Oí" CAMPAIOIf. Work of Landing; and Advanclug Will Tiikc lp Considerable Time. Washington, June 21. - The arrival ol the 5th army corps under Gen. Shafter at the rendezvous off Santiago develops the most intereSting eontingency oï the war and there is a great earnestness for authentie reports describing the lebarkation of mich a great military force upon the shores of a country held by an active enemy. The difficulties involved in this landing are thorougïily appreciatcd by military and naval men, who are unable to conceal their uneasiness regarding its practical execution. According to the plans arranged before Gen. Shafter sailed, his fleet of UO transports will lie at a safe distance from shore while a war. council ia LeIng held between the commanding officers of the two forces and their chiif of staff officers. Admiral Sampson 'ïas probably become familiar with the most aeceptable and least dangerous localities in the immediate vicinity of Santiago through Communications continually maintained with the Cuhnns ashore. He is also possessed of the power to batter down any fortifications which may have been establishel in the neighborhood of the most desirable landing places, and whelher Ihe position in Guantanamo bay, forty miles east of Santiago, or that of Aserradero, ten miles west of the main objective point, is selected, will depend largely upon the condition of the troops and the amount of caution it is considered expedient to exercise. There is a wide divergence of expert opinión regarding probable duration of the military campaign before the fall of Santiago. Army offlcers, who, with Gen. Miles, deprécate -the exposure of American troops to unnecessary risks, declare that they would not be surprised if an entire week were consumed in landing the army and perfecting ita organization ashore before the actual move across country is begun. They have anticipated that a great number of horses' and mules will die on the voyage and that all the surviving animáis will be practically unfit for use for at least four or five days after they regain terra firma. TO PRESERVE MEAT. Consul Hughes Thiuks lt Could Be üsed for tlie Arniy. New York, June 21.- A special to the Times f rom Washington says: OH ver J. H. Hughes, consul at Sonneberg.Gsrmany, in a report dated April 27, tells of a new metnod of preserving meat. His report is as follows: "A new method of preserving freshly killed meats has been discovered by the Danish zoologist, August Pjelstrup, already well known through his method of condensing milk without the use of sugar. Tlie system- according to the printed reports- has stood a remarkably hard three months' test at the Odense isli) company's slaughter houses in a very satist'actory manner. The method in itself is extremely simple and migiit be of great service for the troops in Llie tropics - the writer having had considerable experience in trying to keep meat fresh in Cuba. The animal to bo used is first shot or stunned by a shot f rom a revolver - loaded with sma" slugs - in the forehead,in such a way as not to injure the brain proper. As the animal drops senseless, an assistant cuts down over the heart, opens a ventricle and allows all the bload to flow out, the theory of this being that 'ha decomposition of the blood is almost entirely responsible for the quick putrefaction of fresh m.eats. Immediately thereafter a briny solution. made crt coarse or fine salt more or less strong, according to length of time meat is to be kept, is injeeted by means cf a powcrful syringe through the other ventricle into the veins of the body. CHINA INSüIVTS DEWBY. Snpply Ship Hastled Away wltli bot Vory Scant Cereinony. New York, June 21.- A Hongkong cable states that the American fleet's supply ship Zafiro, sent there by Admiral Dewey to obtain food and other necessities for the fleet, and which anehored in Chinese waters a few miles from here, has been ordered away by the Chinese authorities. These men refused to allow the Zafiro to buy either coal or provisions, and ordered Consul Wildman to get the ship out of the empire's jurisdiction at once. Not even the customary twenty-four hors' notice was given. The Zafiro is now in British waters at Hongkong. Representations by the Spanish minister are nnderstood to have caused China to take the offensive action against the United States. BI.ANCO-S MISHAPS. Shows Mutlnous Condltlon of HIe Volunteers - Case of Hobgon. Washington, June 21.- The greatest interest is shown here in the reported attempt to assassinate Capt.-Gen. Blanco. This.according to detailed informatlon received by the Cuban junta in thifs city, was made by Mariano Salra, a Cuban voluateer in the Spanish arm y at Havana, whose brother sad been executed by Blanco's order for alleged conspiracy. The incident shows to the minds of the authorities here that the volunteers in the Spanish army on the island of Cuba are in a state of revolutlon against the military authorities, and that the reports of their enthusiastic devotion to Spain's cause are of the same clóth as other Spanish war news. Gradually the officers in the war and navy departments are reacning the conclusión that the exchange of Lieut. Hobson and his crew is being deferred by the Spanish government to prevent the prisoners from revealing the really helpless condition of Spanish defenses at Santiago. Hints of the destitute state of the inhabitants and of the halffed, unpaid and mutinous condition of the Santiago garrtson have reached tho outside, but the vulnerable points that might serve the purposes of an attack by Sampson and Shafter are not known. This, it is thought, stands in the way of the release of Hobson and his brave crew at this time. Soldiers Are Made Slck. Jacksonvllle, Fia., June 21.- From 20 to 30 members of company E, lst Wisconsin regiment, were taken seriously ill last night. There ia every tion that the men are sunermg rrom the effects of poisoning, caused by eatirtg unwholesome food at dinner or supper. Late in the afternoon several complained of being ill with cramps in the stomach, but nothing serious was thought of the matter. Late at nignt they began to vomit incessantly. Maj. Evans, surgeon of the regiment, was called. He prescribed for the sick men and partly relieved their sufferings. The food is the only cause to which the illness can be attributed. The men ate canned beans, bread, and potatoes. An analysis will be made tomorrow to determine if the food was affected. Many Men at Camp Merrltt. San Francisco, Caí., June 21.- With tne adaman ot 3UU recruits ior Minnesota, 150 for Iowa and 100 men of Ihe Astor battery, the forcé of troops at Camp Merritt has been increased to 12,200 men. Early this morning 352 recruits from Kansas and Tennessee will arrive, and a number of recrié? from Iowa and Idaho are expected in the evening. On Thursday 260 men recruited to fill the 7th California regiment will reach Camp Merritt. CWUIan Pliysirians May Aet. , Washington, June 21. - Gen. Miles has issueá an order authorizing recruiting ofíicers in the absence of commissioned medical officers or contract surgeons to employ civilian physicians to mafce examinations of recruits preceding enlistment required by army regulations at a cornpensation of 40 cents for each man examined. Kansas Colored Alen to Go. Topeka, Kas., June 21.- Gov. Leedy has announced that two battaTions allotted to Kansas under the second cali for volunteers will be recruited from the colored population. The governjr has been urged to officer both battalions with colored men, but has not yct decided as to this point. FOR SALE- Eggs from English Ringneck Pheasants, $3 per setting of thirteen. When several settings are tnken at one time a special rate will be giver.. Eggs delivered after April 35. Will also exchange Pheas-ant eggs for Wood Duck nests. For further information address A. S. Cooper, Howell, Mich., or George R. Cooper, Ann Arb"r- Julv 1 BEFORE YOU BUY a farm tooi of any kind, see Benz Bros., IOS S. Ashley street. They sell the Osborne line of farm implements, binder twine, oils, etc. 46


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