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Mrs. O. G. La Rue is visiting in Duh, Minn. Xathan Van Clever is out trova Deii'. 'ic visiting friends. s Irene Baker, of Wayne, is visiting .Miss Anna Eaton. There will be a Fourth of July picnic at the Arbeiter grove. aml -Miss Clark, of Britton, are in the city visiting friends. if. Ross and family are visiting I at Benton Harbor. i x and Gertrude Peet returned co their home in Iosco Tuesday. George Warbaugh and Chas. Williams ive ioined the Hummel circus. Miss Emma G. Minor is vislting her sister, -Airs. L. F. Pest, oC Icsco. r. and Mrs. B. F. Aldrlch attended .nmer.cement exercises in Adrián. Misa Florence Bassett will teach o '1 in Fort Scott, Kas., next yeai. Miss Hattie Stowe will leave Suniiay Europe to study during the summer. M irt Tower and wife, of Hasting-s, yisiting oíd friends here for a few Herbert G. Lull, who has been teaeiiing school at Carson City, is visiting In the city. 11. P. Glover 'boasts of ha ving eaten new potatoes from his own garden ijst Sunday. Garry Densmore and Arthar T. Pïi.'JIvan and families spant yesterday at I': lage Lake. Mrs. E. Percy Palmer, of Saramie, Wyo., is the guest of her mother, Mrs. Julia McKinstry. The son of B. D. Thompson was bitten by a dog Saturday night. It is not ,"us, however. D. C. Van Buren, whoh as been teaching school in Idaho, has returned home for the summer. Burt Judd has accepted a position in the freight office of the Michigan Central at Ann Arbor. Mrs, Llllian Fi?k Robison, of Boston, is expected home for the summer t'i vlsit her parents. Private C. Stewart has been detailed as cook at the división hospital, severing him from Co. G. R. C. Haytom, who was taken to the hospital at Ann Arbor, has returned and is convalescent. M. M. Reed and family are spending a few days at Portage Lake, where they have a cottage. Lynn Tuttle, who has been teaching school at Manistlque, U. P., is in the city for the vacation. George J. Ament's daughter has returned from Canada, whíre she has been attending school. The street railway c.jmpany is laying planks between the tracks on Congress st. up the bridge. Mis? Enrma Lang, who has been visiting Miss Beryl Sanford, Tías returned to her home in Elk Rapids. Mrs. Barnum and son, of Horner, who have been attending commencerrent exercises, have returned home. Mrs. Byron Burch ani daughter, cf Mid'.and, have been gues'.s at liie rsidencc of J. E. M'cGragor an i John Corastock. Miss Clara Allen has left for Detroit, from which place, after a few days' stay, phe will go to their cottage at Orchard Lake. The Humane society will soon have a humane offleer here and will prosecute all cases of cruelty to animáis under the state law. Prof. S. C. McClough, of the Cleveland Manuel training school, and family are in the city visiting Mrs. McClough's father, John J. Holland. Arthur Perry, of Pontiac, is a guest at the residence of S. E. Dodge. He traveled for Traugert, Schmidt & Co., of Detroit, íor 20 vears. It is estimated that aJbout $50,000 worth oí government bonds, of the last issue, will be sold In this city. Over $30,000 has been already subscribed. Exum H. Johnson, pound master and dog catcher, will have a sale oL dog.s every Saturday afternoon at 3 o'cloek at the pound, corner Washington and Huron sts. Reduced rates on all railroads will be furnished parties desiring to at.tend the meeting of the Michigan Music Teachers' association to be held at Grand Rapids June 28, 29 and 30. The Michigan Central will hereafter have baggage called for and eheo.kea at the house, gaving a traveler the trouble at the depot. Westfall's livery has the contract. The charge is 25 cents. ía'turday a numbe: of thjse who attended the high school alumni banquet taken sick. ]t is supposed that it was cauged trom iho !ce croam. None oL the cases have b?on reported serious. Judge Childs took a Lroliny ii.1e to Wayne Saturday. Now the judge don"t l.liü '.■ be shaken uji any more ihan n:i ■■!■! hen on her nest doos. si he earaa back on the Michigan Central. If anyone thinks that riding a bioycle v.ill reduce one in weight, he is mistaken. Capt. AUen rides to Ann Arbor and back for pleasure and smokes a cigar while riding, too. Now, the captain is not very thin. Major Kirk has wriiten ío a fríend here that he does not ihink the time has come when hls fmnda should propose his name for cmgress. Tht-y bowever, think di'fjrentiy, and Yps'ilanti will probably push his nomination. Monday afternoon six more reeruits passed the examination In Ann Arbor, which makes fifteen who are ready to be mustered into Uncle Sam's service. They are Walter Cole, Al Hyzer, Leon Tenney, Herbert Fenton "William Renton and Chas. Garner Monday at eight o'clock the lire department was ealled to Secoml st where Wm. Beckwith's house was burning. On account of the time it took to turn in the alarm and the distance, the flre was beyond control, so that the house is a total ruin. It was insured. Here is a chance for Aid. Huston wno wants register of deeds, to keep name 'before the people. Let him champion street paving and have Congress st. paved this summer, and ne ■will have accomplished something wnich will be talked about all over the county for years to come. James E. Keliy, principal of the McJJonald school in Springwells, ha, been cnosen to sueceed Emmet E. Dohaney in the principalship of the Furgason school at River Rouge. Dohaney leaves ' e,cme P'ïne'Pal of the Campbell „ l IS Kelly is said to be, the„best educated teachers in the Tiïïwi e Was gradeï from the It a flirt Brmal scho01 in the class-s of 95 and '96, completing all the teachHe" Sn?nrtSeS OfïeVed by that 'nstitution. fnrt ?h year Ot stuiy in Germany, ?í h ,ac;ePtc-d e principalship of ne held?n aí SaU't Marie' w"'ch ne held for two years. Both are well known in this city, having made This ther home besides attending the Nor! 3Irs. Cornell and son, Miss Burke and Mrs. G. 11. Huil, are in Detroit vi3iting friends. Prof. Charles T. McFa-.iane and wife tomorrow tot their summer's stay in Europe. Mr. and Mrs. Erastüs Samson have gone to Richmond, lnd., for a íew weeks' visit. Miss Grace George sails for Europe today, wiiere she will study in Gerinany and France. Mis Qrace M.-ahews expecta to spend a few weeks In Jackson as the guest of her uncle. Walter C. ïlewitt, principal of the Oshkosh, Wis., Normal school, i. hon:c for the summer. Next week Rev. and Mrs. Gardarn wil) leave for Lons; Island, where they will reraaln for a few weeks. Children of the first and second grades from any part of the city who wish to attend the summer school for ■en, should report at the front door of the main Normal building Monday morning frora 8 to 9 o'clock. Tuition wlll be free.


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