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Baccalaureate Address

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Thè baccalaureate address was deliv ered Sunday in Normal hall by Dr. Richard D. Boone. Besides the Normal students present, there were many others from the city and who are hc-re au guests of the s-eniors. He took liii. theme, "Service Set Over Against Traditional Pennance Through Service." ' The following is in substarce what he said: Them ystery of life is great to all; greater to one whose eyes have been opened to an interes, in life's manifold symbols; greater to him who cherishes an abiding and unshaken hope in an flnite beyond. A comparison was made with the mystery of the life that has been not less than that whfch is to come, and the questian was raisod in the presence of the seniors who are just about to leave the college walls: How have we come to this hour? By wïiat process of infiinite patienee have uur untamed natures been domestieated and brought to reason and deeency? Both the whence and the whither are mysteries, and chiefly to those whose mmds are alert to (he inner meaning of things and persons. The question brought to the atteniion of the young people included the question: Wherein consists ment? How shall onê certainly attain it? When may one be thought to have succeeded, or failed? Professionally, what is your success? That is, how does it shape itself to you? In what part of the horizon do you look to flnd it? What are its outward marks, its inward anee? Personally,, what is it? These are the questions that have little meaning for those who have not been trained to look for such eontents in life. They belong to you and youi quality. What is, after all, worth while? During the years you have spent in Ypsilanti much waste has doubtless been mixed with the useful but, is it elear what is really waste and what precious? What have you found to be the supreme good, or have the years left you indifferent to orders and grades of utility and goodnss? But to .have lived for a period of a year on a low plañe, when ability and opportunity made a higher possible is suicide. But what is low, and what is high? What is low for one may be high for another. But do you have clearly in mind what is high for you, that you may reach or approach it? Do not make the mistake of supposing that another day will do as well as this day to begin the most serious living, with the most generous purpose And may all the good that is "for you ec-me to you in due time, in large measure, and to your safe and enduring happiness.


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