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Commencement Concert

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A large-sized audience was present Monday at the commenoement concert in Normal hall, notwithstanding that admission was eharged. This is the flrst time that outslde soloists were employed, and it added tone to the program. The program opened with the Bridal Chorus, from "The Rose Maiden," after which the Detroit Philharmonic club rendered a' selection by Beethoven. In the next number Mr. Marshall Pease appeared as soloist and received great applause. Although Mr. Pease has not appeared before an audience in this city for three years, fris many adimrers were not struck with eclat when h? finished. However, he did not respond to the encoré. The only encoré which was responded to was by the Detroit Philharmonic club. "Remember Thy Creator" was sung by Mr. Oscar Rudolph Gareissen, and it goes without saying that it met with loud approval by the reSDonsive andí(n{c Tba .i;. ng number was a dramatic cantata, "On Shore and Sea," by Miss Bethlea Ellis and Mr. Marshall Pease. On the whole this year's concert was better than ever; the Normal chorus was at its best, and great crefit must be given Prof. Frederick H. Pease conductor, upon his successful effort in hat line and the outcome of last nishfs entertainment.


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