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May Try To Reach The Sea

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New York, June Ï.Z.- A special clispatch from Santiago, June 2i), via Kingston, Jamaica, says that the Cuban have brcught information to Admira Sampson that Admiral Cervera ia pre pared to make a desperate offort to tak liis ships out of the harbor at the firs favorable opportunity. The Spanish vessels, it is reported, have been coa'.ed ta their f uil capacity and the crews are refused shore leave. Every nigiit they drop down the bay to be prepared to embrace the first favorable opportunity to make a dasn past the b!;jcl;ading squadron. It is said to be the Spanish admiral's hope to save at least a portion of his ships from capture and to sink some of the American craft in a fight. FEAB NOTHING FKO.U GERMANY. Interferenco by That Power Is No Look cd For. Washington, June 23.- If it is true as reported, that Germany has proposec to purchase from Spain the privilege of a protectorate over the Philippine is lands, it is an aot of war by Germany against the United States. Such a proposition, coming at a time when the United States has by torce o arms in honorable warfare taken possession of those islands, is something more than an exhibition of mere unfriendliness. It is a belligerent move. If accepted by Spain it could only be enforced by an open attack upon Admiral Dewey and the American soldiers under Gen. Anderson, now at Manila. The report, however, is not believed at the state departmeut. Senator Davis, Senator Lodge, and other prominent members of the foreign relations committee, who have ■been kept informeel of the contents of Admiral Dewey's frequent private dispatehes, describiug the diplomatic situation in the Philippines, are convinced that there is nothing to be feared from Germany In that quarter. They say that no nation in a time of war can purchase from one of the belligerents any of its possessions, more especially, one against which the other belligerent is maikng hostüe demonstratlons.


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