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Indianapous, June 23.- The democratie state convention met in Tomlinson hall at 10:30 o'clock this morning. The conventión is made up of 1,528 delegates. United States Senator David Turpie presided and S. M. Brisow ot 31ackford county was elected secrètary. There were only two contests before he committee on credentials, and they were quicldy disposed of. State Chairman Martin called the convention to order. The rules provided that al! resolutions should go to he committee without debate and that he first nomination should te for seoretary of state. Senator Turpie on assuming the gavel was received with cheers. He made a speech on the issues of the day. The platform which was adopted afirms that the present war with Spain is just and righteous, and recalls with pride the persistent support of the cause by democratie senators and representatives, congratulates the country on the universally patriotic uprising which has swept away the last vestige of sectionalism, and rejoices in the heroic deeds of Dewey, Bagley and Hobson. It favors such a permanent strengthening of the navy of the United States and coast defenses as shall sure adequate protection against for eign aggression; liberal pensions ar advocated for the survivors of the civi and present war; the construction am control of the Nicaragua canal by thi government when its feasibility shal the national credit to any private cor be determined is favored, but a loan of the national credit to any private corporation for tha purpose is opposed. On the financia question the platform afflrms with em phasis loyalty to the Chicago platform in favor of free and unlimited coinage of both gold and silver. The platform declares against the declared purpose of the present secretary of the treasur to apply the gold standard policy more thoroughly." The tariff plank reasserts "the democratie doctrine that all tariff taxes shall be laid for revenue as their sole object and purpose, and we do at thif time especially denounce and condemn the high prohibitory rates of the present republican tariff, commonly called the Dingley bilí, under the operation of which trusts and combinations have multiplied and the cost of the necessaries of life has been increased and the wages of labor have not been advaneed." The platform emphasizes "our repeated declarations in favor oí the eleetion of United States senators hy the people." Mr. Bryan was thus indorsed: "We express our undiminished confidence in Williara Jennings Bryan, our peerless leader in the national oampaign oi 1896, and we note with muoh gratifieation his patriotic course in leading to the defense of his country a regiment of citizen sokliers.'" The platform also commends tha course of Senator Turpie in all publio affaire.


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