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Troops Are Going Ashore

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Washington, June 23.- Secretary Alger received a dispatch from Genera! Shafter this morning, direct from the new American cable station at Guantanamo, stating tnat a point of disembarkaticn has been agreed upon and troops are being sent ashore. Secretary Alger immediately went over ío the navy department and showed the dispatch to Secretary Long. Meanwhile the dispatch had been transmitted to the president by telephone over confidential wire. Under the new dispensation the war department promises to be t&e news center at Washington. Secretary Alger says that he intends to establish a news bulletin system at once so that the public may be reliably informed of the movement of the American forces at Santiago. A forcé of twenty expext telegraphërs, under the supervisión of George H. Pierson, is now on duty at the war department night and day to facilítate Ihe transmission of army and navy orders between Washington and Guantanamo. Kecruit on the Way. Kansas City, Mo., June 23.- Fifteen cars filled with recruits for the volunteer and regular army, and secured in :his part of the Southwest, have passed ihrough Kansas City within twenty:our hours en route to Camp Alger, Chickamauga and Fort McPherson. Ten cars of soldiers from various Kansas points bound for Falls Church, Va., left 'or Chicago in two divisions, over the Santa Fe and the Rock Island. Of the recruits twenty are from Kansas City and will go toward completing the complement of the Third Missouri Voluneers at Camp Alger. Spain Will Fight to the End. Washington, June 23. - A prominent member of the Frenen embassy, whlch, with that of Austria, is in charge of Spanish interests in this country, said today that all talk of peace proposals at this time is ridiculous. "Spain," said he, "will fight so long as"she can raise a musket to her shoulder. Ordinarily a man who is having nis four limbs cut off one at a time would cry 'enough' in an endeavor to save at least one of them. But Spain is not likely to do even that. She will figiit to the bitter end." South Shore to Be Blockaded. Washington, June 23. - As soon as it is possibly to withdraw vessels from Santiago the president wil] make a proclamación extending the liinits uf the Cuban blockade so as to include Batabano and other Spanish ports on the south shore of the island. Spanish smugglers have been running in cargoes of provisions and supplies from the Isle of Pines, -which have reachsd Havana, and it is proposed to put a stop to the game. Fonr Ccmpanies from Nevada. Carson City, Nev., June 23. - Four companies, instead of three, have been allotted to Nevada to fill the latest cali for volunteers. Each will consist of 103 men. The state militia is composed of six companies aggregating 385 men. At least eighty-five of these are disqualified for service in the United States army. The governor will make his cali upon the militia tomorrow. Cuban Navy's First Vegsel. New York, June 23.- The sloop Alfredo, the first vessel of the Cuban navy, sailed today. The Alfredo is in command of Captain "Johnny" O'Brien of nlibustering fame, and has a crew of seven men. Her destination is said to be a point on the Cuban coast, which is kept a secret. The Alfredo ís a sixtyfoot sloop yacht, with an auxiliary screw ODerateri bv a nnntvthn pnsrinp For a Slimmer Ariuy Camp. Washington, June 23.- Senator Lindsay and the entire Kentucky delegation called on the secretary of war this morning urging the selection of Louisville as a camping site for troops. It is stated that it is highly probable that a summer camp will be established at this point.


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