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;: ■■. Prol :i i:;s been the -Michigan Bar a,ssp Wnrk has been comknenced on putting up the lfiO-foot fiag stafï on the University campus. Supt. and Mrs. Slauson have arriwd fiom Moline, 111.. and are stopping teiilirlly with Aid. Haniilton. One hundred and twenty-flva ssnior laws went to Lansing yesterday t-; be admitted to the Supreme court. .Miss Florence Jliley leaves today to spend her vacation with her siiter Mrs. A. H. Hart, of Pt. Huron. n-ge F. Rash, who recintly died at his home in Lodi, was a resident of Washtenaw county for 74 years. Theodore Smlth, Instructor in historj-, has resigned his positioh in the V. oí M. and will teaeh in Vassar next year. rni. E. C. ötxldard èfhd wif. left yes:.: yja the Ann Arbcr road tor New ïork. They will stop off at Washington i'or a visit. Charles A. Maynard has secured a position on the road with the well known firm of Lee & Cady, wholesafë, grocers, Detroit. Mr.-. William Rinehart, nee ü. WaltSí, who has been visiting hen the past year, left for her home hi San Francisco yesterday. Dr. Hart of Ann Arbor, who has been visiting Fred Ball and Miss Ciaudme Edsill, left Monday for hls home in Iowa. - Jackson Press. Rev. Fr. Kelly was in Monroe Tue&clay attending the golden jubilee of Rt. Rev. Mgr. Joos. The address was given by the great Archbishop Irelnnd. Prof. M. C. Boyla-n, wife and children impanied by their sist-er Miss Klla Jewell has returned from Edgewood, Iowa, for an extended visit in the east. Monroe and Bethke, of Co. A, are rnembers of the Thirty-first Michigan baseball team which defeated the India na team Saturday by a score of 13 to 1. The marriage of Attorney Frank A. Stivere, of this city, and Miss Ida McKay, of Liberty, Ind., took place Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Stivers returned to Ann Afbor today. Of the second issue of the Michigan war bonds the Ann 'Arbor Savings bank has taken $1,500 worth, the State Savings bank $5,000 and the Farmers & Mechanics bank $2,000. líii?. George Miley leaves today to visit her daughter, Mrs. Reuben Ovcnshire, of Plainwell, Mich. She will go to Pt. Huron to join her daughter, Florence, before returning. Mr. Armand R. Miller, lit. '96, teacher of Germán and chemistry in the Manual college, Kansas City, Mo„ will be married June 26th to Miss Pearl Colby, lit. '95, teacher of mathemaues and Sciences in Englewood college, Chicago. Lansing Journal: The marriage of Fred Derr, of this city, to Miss Amanda Snyder, of Ann Arbor, was sulemnized at the bride's home today. They will return to this city this evening to reside. If you don't think the st;eets ought to be sprinkled get down on lower Packard st. some time when the Ypsilanti car carnes in and yon will see i gcod portion of the earth in the air tempúrarily. The hearing of the petition of the nephew of the murdered James Richards' to annul the decree of the cour" sriving the estáte to an Ilegitímate daughter of Mr. Richards has been postponed until July 5. Dr. J. McGregor has opened an office at 519 S. Saginaw st. He is a gradúate of pharmacy from Ann Arbor and of medicine from the Detroit College of Medicine and 'has served one year in Harper's hospital.- Flint Journal. Acting-President Hutchins, of the University, who was elected a member of the athletic board of control, said that he would not be able to serve on the board, as his duties as dean of the law department will be very heavy next fall. 1 Corporal Chamberlaín yesttrday received a telephone message from Lieut. Belser, at Ann Arbor, to get thirtytive men for examination, twenty-flvo oí these to be enlisted. Corporal Chamberiain already has twenty-six men.- Adrián Times. Mr. and Mrs. Waltcr C. Boynton, who ere married Wednesday, left on the Michigan Central immediately after Ihe eeremony for New York, where Uicy will take the steamer for Paris with the intention of spending their honeynmon in a tour of the principal fíuropean coun tries. One of the boys at Chickamauga writes in part: "I will not commit myself by saying that I want to come home, but if they teil me to go home I will not have to be ordered a seecnd time. I promise ycu that if I ever g-et through loving this country I will ntver love another." Oscar O. Sorg and his painters have just réturned from kodi, where they painted the residence and barns of A'bert Blaess, probably the largest and mest numerous buildings on any farm in the county. Mr. Sorg painted Mr. Blaess' building 21 years ago, again 12 years ago, and again last wee-k, which speaks well for Mr. Sorg's work. Owosso Argus: Dr. Edward Carmody, of this city, now in school at the U. of M., recently had a great compliment paid to his ability as a dentist. He was offered a fine position for thrte years at a good salary in South África, in the office of an old practitioner. It is doubtful lf he accepts because he wishes to take his M. D. degree al the Universltv next year. The boara of public works has in?trueted the city attorney to commence suit against J. F. Schuh unless a settlement is made in the Holmes accident on Ann st. near State st. a few riights ago. The driver claims that there were no lights put out where a Bewer was being constructed, and the horses ran into the trench which re.=ulted in severely injuring one of them. Dr. Nancrede, wrüing home trom Camp Alger, says many of the hardships endured by the soldiers have not been hadf told in the newspapers and that many of the men complain. He states, however, that it is the thrtshold of war and that the men must get right down and put their nose3 to the grindstone. The changa experienced by him, he says, is radical, but he is not complaining. A. A. Terry has returned to Ann Arbor from Clinton, Wis., where he has been visiting his sister. Dr. Holllster of Newark, N. J., a gradúate of the U. oí II., who had been the guest of frlends in Janesville, near Clinton, accompanied Mr. Terry to Ann Arbor Mr. T., who is one of Ann Arbor's earl pioneer and business men, is enjoying the best of health and thinks there is no place like the Athens of Michigan A Washington dispatch says that Congressman Spaláing has heard tlie report from the first gun ftred m Hank Smith's campaign for the congressional nomination, and remarked tha'. it was a small one pound smooíh bore. "Just wait 'til! you hear my twelve pound rifle cannor. explode," said the ral, "and Smith will harJly know hf was ever in the game." Wl-11. we jjafilsèe vKawe shall see.- Adrián Tpiegivam. bhe weclálng of Miss Daisy Irene, dáughter oL Mr.CSKcLMrs. Blisha F. Caikins, of West Couri st., to JUr. üeo. i: líaivcy. of Ann Arbor, took place at 3 o'clock this-afternoon. The cere. was pëvffrrned at the 'home of Mr. and Mrs. BHjah J. Caikins, 615 Mast: A ï-eception followeJ from 4 to ; ick. They will reside at Ann Axbor.- Yesterday's Flint Journal. ,. The er n is a sumeeuuer in the employ o{ Mr. Barney In this city. The Register gives six reasons, editi.rially, on the unadvïsability oL rein, minating Congresgman típalüing. They are: His treatmefit óf the oïd soldiers, to Judson iníiuence, general effect of postoffice appointments, two terms enough, said he would withdraw after he had seryed two terras, and Spalding iiins behind his ticker, The questlon is would the Register have thou'ght of all these things if its editor, Mr. Moran, had been appointed postmaster? What the fire department needs is a chemical engine. There is a iarge teriLjry of fine residences in the pastern and southeastern portion of the city. v should have better fire protection. Put one of the hose wagons and teams in the Sixth ward engine house and repl.ue ,t:hein. at the conti'4). fire department with a chemlba] ehgflie ard teant.Aiin Arbfr has a fire department which is surpasseiS ijy npns in towns of this size in theoCoutUry.. The addltion of a chemical eugine' wouïd make it perfecflon. The street cars are blocked at the corner of Main and Washington sU., and passengers have to be transferred from one car to the other at this point. The reason of this is that Mr. Rainey obtained permission of the councii to move his house from the corner of Lawrence and Ingalls sts. to Third st. John Wisner, the contractor-mover. claims to have made arrangements with "tic ïaihvay company to cut its wiie Wednesday after midnight so that the house could 'be moved across the street. He. also claims that he had his gang of men waiting for two hours Wednesday and nobody showed up. Wedneday he moved the building up on the street car track and blocked travel.


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