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Annexation Is In Favor

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Washington, June 21. - Discussion by the senate of the question of Hawaiian annexation was begun Monday in opon sessicn. At the very opening of the question the opponerits of annexatioi quite unexpectedly . scored a point by preventing a-Vea and nay vote on takine nn thp.r(s"oliitions.' When Mr. Davis, chairman of the committee on foreign relations, called up the resolutions the vice-president, as usual, announced that without objection being entered, he declared the resolutions to be before the senate. A minute or two later Mr. Frye (Me.) Je"manded the yeas and nays upon the request that a yea and nay vote could not be had on a dead issue- that the resolutions were already before the senate by unanimous consent. Oí course the point was sustained. The opponents of annexation were decidedly pleased at preventing a show oí strength, but later Mr. White afforded the friends of annexation the opportunity they had been waiting. He moved to adjourn, and like a flash Mr. Davis damanded the yeas and nays. The motion, the vote upon which was a test of strength between the friends and opponents of annexation, was de(1 decisively - 45 to 15. } [avinsfeaMeAhis poiniK; dévelopRng the niimical weakns 'ofthe oppos'.tion, 'Mr. Davis readily aireed 10 enter a-motion for an executive session. The proceedings of the day indicaiè eïcarly that there is to be no debate upon the Hawaiian question in the orflinary acceptation of the term. It is not the purpose of the friends of innexation to consume time in making speeches. Believing that the senate has already, in executive session, thoroughly discussed the question, they will permit the opponents of the project to occupy all of the time. This plan of campaign is not satisfactory to the latter and during the session considerable bitterness was manifested at times. The speakers were Mr. Morrill, the venerable senator frOm Vermont and one of the republican opponents of annexation, and Mr. Bacon (dem., Ga.). Mr. Morrill covered the general question, while Mr. Bacon discussfid the power of congress to annex territory by legislative act, maintaining that such annexation was unconstitutiona).


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