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Real Estate Transfers

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Annie McGuire to John M. Gould, lü aces city and township of Ypsilanti, $10,000. John R. Miner to Arthur Brovvn, 10 acres, pt. of n. w. % of sec. 33, city oí Ann Arbor, $3,000. Ellen M. to H. C. Wortley, pel. of land, city of Ypsilanti, $850. Waxd Wilbur and wife to Henri E. Lutjen and wife, pel. of land, city of Ypsilanti, $450. Ivlelissa E. Pellows to John H. Delker, parcel of land, Sharon, $4,000. Matie F. Kief to Edgar G. Kief, lots 9 and 10, block 30, Manchester, $1. Henry G. Hoag and wife to Frank P. Glazier, one acre, sec. 8, Sylvan, $50. Mary A. Wallace to Joel L,. Marble, 5 acres, sec. 34, York, $500. ■ Angeline Dennis, by sheriff, to Elizabeth Stewart, w half of lots 7 and 3, block 1, in A. A. Land Co. add., Ann Arbor, $1,953.53. Addine M. Campbell to D. W. Rogers, pel. land, lst ward, Ypsilanti City, $450. A. F. Tracy and wife to Goodspeed & Son, pel. land, sec. 1, PitUfield, $1. Ida C. Huttin to Eva Rokers, pel. land, Saline village, $600. Mary Rathfon to Eunice M. Lambie, part of sec. 24, Pittsfield, $4,200. Richard C. Dolson and wife to Edward B. Dolson, pel. land, lst ward, Tpsilanti city, $250. Jos. T. Jacobs and wife to Chas. H. Allmand, lot 8, block 2, Han.iitcn, Rose 6 Sheehan's add., and lot 49, Ten Brook add., Ann Arbor city, $1. Jos. T. Jacobs and wife to Clara Kapp. part lot 12, block 1, Hiil's add., Ann Arbor city, $400. S. P. Jewett, by ex., to Adam Schleoht c-t al., lot 45, Jewett's add., Ann Arbor city, $250. Anna. Zeeb to Frederick Kapp, pel. land, sec. 30, Salem, $12&. We are glad to be able to furnish information to the many curious people of Ypsilanti eoncerning the marri.ige of Miss Mildred MeCoy. On Thursday Jlis? McCoy was summöned to Alma by telegram; on arriving 3he found Mr. Wm, Davis very Hl, the result of a railroad accident. Monday morning found Mr. Davis improved and they were united in marriage by Ilev, Carrol, of the M. E. church of Alma. Mrs. Davis is now home for a day, after which she will immediately return lo lier husband's bed side. After Mr. iMvis' recovery, .which will be early, they will make Bay City their future home.