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Justin R. Whitlng, St. Clalr, Governor. Michael F. McDonald, Sault Ste. Marie, Ldeutenant-Governor. Dr. Edgar B. Smith, Detroit, State Treasurer. Leroy F. Lockwood, Branch County, Secretary of State. Carleton Peck, Sapeer County, Land Commissloner. George F. WIHets, Marshal, Board of Educatlon. Mrs. Flora B. Renkes, Barry County, Superintendent of Schools. John L. Frlsbie, Hillsdale, AuditorRyal' A. Hawley, Ionia. -AttorneyGeneral. It might be well to remember that í Judson's roui?h riders are still ia the i saddle. This is the time of year when the : partizan for revenue only, is very much in evidence. This is one case where Gen. Spalding was swallowed flrst and sugar coated af terward. It is possible that Gen. Spalding "vill admit that he was mistaken when he said Hank Smith was a one pounder. His excellency still refuses all offers of capitulation upon the part of the Burrows men. Unconditional surrender are his only terms. If half the useless state offices were abolished and a horde of idle clerks dismissed the state tax levy would not be so much of a burden as it now is. An exchange says wool is in demand. Sure thing. The fall campaign will 6oon be on and Republiean politioians want it to pull over the eyes of the people. Senator Burrows has that sublime confldence of retaining his seat which soothes the breast of a tenderfoot durng his first attempt to ride a bucking broncho. The other fellows attribute Smith's success to the fact that he used smokeless powder and his reports were not loud enough to permit the conventien to see where he was at. It will require more than Bill Dingley's enthusiasm to cover up the fact that the receipts from his revenue bill are not connecling with the ordinary expense account of the government. When we reflect that some of the truly good claim to have their baggage checked in an opposite direction, the destinatiou to which the Times has consigned us cannot be regarded as an unmixed evil. It is hinted that when the governor of Western Michigan tires of adjusting grade crossings and bossing railroad magnates Deputy Wedemeyer will succeed to the job. And $3,000 a year in Lansing is worth more to "Wedy" than $5,000 in Washington. A re publican newspaper bas flg ured out a "beautiful balance sh eet" in which the large exports of 1897 cut an important figure, and of course, are credited to the Dingley tariff. But the increase in Americ an exports was due to and increased demand for American foodprod ucts atincreased prices. In the ino ease of prices Joe Lieter played a much more important role than Bilí Uingley. -M "Hank" Smith, congressional oandidate, formerly Henry C. Bmith, barrister, Adrián, Mich., took the gold cure at the St. Louis convenion. Smith went down to that picnic of bank presidents and bond ïolders a rank silverite but the doso te got there evidently touched the gpot for he is now one of the most unreasoning worshipers at the golden shrine.


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