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'Doe" Kirby, of the Times force, has got the girl and the key. When he gets tne heuse we may expect that he will enter at once upon the duties of keeping it. The readers of the Times regret Editor Lisemer's determination not to go to congress. They may console themselves with the reflection that he has promised to take a vacation. The story of majorities as told by the gentlemen who placed the candidate in nomication before the late Republican congressional convention reada lik e one of Fred Schleicher's fish stories. There is a youner coaple in Ann Arbor the early annoucement of whose marriage would not surprise the public, and whose flrst investnient in housefurnishings will be a pair of boxing gloves. .The Times says that a pruminent youug Main street business man is likely to get married. Whereat we are prompted to remark that there are some prominent young men of the Times office who if not '-likely" would "liketo" get married. An Ann Arbor gentleman who ha? bought and sold mother earth in quantities to suit the purchaser for many years received a communication addressed to Bach & Baugh, which leads to the observation that while we are rolling Spanish orthography on Anglo-Saxon tongues Baw may be easily Baught but this particular Bach sports the wrinkles of too many glorious summers to be so easily sold. 8ome day the block just completed by John F. Lawrence, on the corner of Ann street and Fourth ave., will take the name of the "RĂªverie Club" which holds its early morning sions in pleasant weather on the pavement in the deliciously cool shade of its Fourth ave. front. The vigorous expressions, literary excellence and artistic taste which characterize the deliberations of this club can only be appreciated after participation in one of its meetings. John F. Lawrence and Dr. Hale are life members. Judge Kinne and several other gentlemen of the legal profession are honary members and occasional attendants. All who have opinions to express upon any subject and the leisure to express them are eligible. Jerry Byan's application for membership is now before the club but the demands which his farm makes upon his time may prevent his election to full membership. Ez Norris was rejected behe could notswear that he had ever told a lie.


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