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The congressional fight in the Second district was not over with thenomination of H. C. Smith, of Adrián, to sucoeed Hon. George Spalding. Now tlie Demócrata think they can beat Smith and are nosing around for a candidate that has the necessary qualifications to defeat the Lenawee man. In "Washtenaw they think they have found him in Hon. S. W. Beakes, editor ex-postmaster, ex-mayor and good ftllow. Chairman M. J. Cavanaugh, of the Washtenaw county committee, thinks Beakes is just the man to win out frum Smitb. Beakes' previous political 6uccess has been pointed out. Twice he ran for mayor of Ann Arbor and twice was elected by heavy majorities. As editor of the Argiis, one of the oldest Democratie papers in the state, he lias fought ir.any a hard flght for the party.. President Cleveland made him postmaster and he has just been succeeded in that position. Even Ann Arbor Republicans admit that he made more improvements while in office than any predecessor. Mr. Beakes and his paper have stood bv the Democratie party through thick and thin, and Second district Democrats are pointing toward him as the Moses that may deliver them frorr. Smith and into the promised land, of whieh they lost sig-ht when Thomas E. Barkworth beg-an running for eongress. Thére are severa! candidates in Lenawee county, notably L. . Salsbury and Editor Stearns, of the Adrián Press. Mr. Salsbury has three times been nomii;ated. Once he was beaten by Capt. E. P. Allen and twice he declined the nomination. Stearns, too, once ran and was defeated. The fact that Beakes was once a Lenawee man, having for several years been a citizen of Adrián, is pointed out as a factor in his favor. The hard iïght of last week, in which Spalding, Townsend, Wedemeyer and Bishop were defeated and some bad blood made, is leading the Democrats to the belief that they have more than a fighting chance, and they have roiled up their sleeves. Some murmurings are heard against Candidate Smith, and in general there is the prospect of heavy flghting in the political morasses of Lenawee, Washtenaw, Jackson, Monroe


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