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Fire damaged the Hastings Wool Boot Gompany to the extent of $5,000. Andrew Egger, of Colon, is under arrest charged with assaulting an 11-yearold girl. Frank Tryoar, of Jackson, an invalid, feil out of a chair and broke nis neck, dying instan tly. Oraer, Arenac county, school district has refused to bond itself for $4,000 for a new school house. Foreclosure proceedings have been begun against the Kalamazoo Heat, Light and Power company. The Saginaw Trading Stamp company has wound up its business and retired from the field after a bitter fight George Church, living near Albion, died by convulsions. He had purchased strychnine ostensibly to kill rats. Reporta reach that no Uves were lost in the wreek of the Kalamazoo on Thirty Mile rover, Alaska. The Elms Buggy Company plant at was bid in Saturday by John G. Brown, one of its creditors, for $9,500. The residence of Fr. Breuck, at East twawas, burned Saturday. Mrs. Nolan, the housekeeper, had a narrow escape. New wheat has sold for seventy-two cents at Holland. The yield in Ottawa county was from thirty to forty bushels per acre. Shiawassee county residents are much worked up over a report that counterfeitlng gangs are operating1 in that county again. One fourth-class Miehigun postmaster was appointed Saturday; Conklin, Ottawa county, Charles L. Bean, vice A. U. 'Dickerson, resig-ned. A farmer near Grand Ledge is making quite a success of raising apricots, a fruit which is grown but little in this country outside of California. There is a movement on foot at Grand Ledge to organize a stock company and purchase the old Monitor flouring mili and convert it into a grain elevator. The four year old child of Robert Wilson was burned to death in a field near Midland Saturday. The fire was started by a threshing machine engine. Capt. Weed. assistant surgeon, and Private Evans, Company L. Thirtysecond lichig-an, Detroit, are suffering with an atttack of mafaria at Fernándina. It is said that the deposite in the Tawas saté savings bank which suspended Thursday last will not exceed inruil' Cashier Prench hPes to pay Presque Isle eounty farm3rs want an mstitute called for that county. It is said to be the only county in Michigan been held a farmers' instute has not C. J. Byrns of Ishpeming, state deputy of the order of Modern Woodmen of ivorth America, is a school e' nstruction for Saginaw chapters of Michigan applicants granted pensions: Original widow- Anna E. Moore, Gregory, $8; Lydia Croop, Potter ville $8 Mexican war widows-Hester L. Beckwith, Hastings, $8. a new departure in the ine of townXS3tt hearse for the iree us" John Reaume, 13-year-old boy living anaoflifinLe WhÜe helpins his Ltftta an oatfield, ran in front of the binder catching his right legr in the knives and nearly severing it from his body Doe tors do not think they can save the leg Fred A. Percival, whose death is reported as having occurred at Lansing from yellow fever, was a member oí Company F. of Port Huron. Percival was a yourg man well known in his city and had considerable ability as a comedian. " The heat was so oppressive at Fei-nandma Saturday that at the Thirtvsecond Michigan régimen tal drill more tnan flfty men were pros tra ted and were carried to their quarters. It is hkely that all drills will be ojnitted until the heat subsides. Frederick Robinson of Owüsso was ïr.stantly killed at Dansville, about „'T". uf from Lansing, Saturdav e ening. He was employed as a travelIng showman, and was in a R?L MaPr.UCUOn L the bIWin William MeComb, of Troop E Third Cavalry, a Muskeg-on boy and om of the dismounted cavalrymen wounded at the paren? n Santiaff' writes " hls parents that as soon as his wounds will pernut he wlll rejoin his comrades He hopes to be able to help take Havana Theo. Sherman, on the United Statps Mrs DhÍVrídÍana' WrUes t0 h SL tí k ,;, Holcomb of Farmington that the battleship Indiana had a close cali on June 21 from a waterspout The iwp-sii S#ESo5iiS Sfnnatfonhlgan Cand3ates to'pa,!. thnte Ofuthe uesons which confrontoa the teachers at the iñatltute was '"Teil welve-11 íh f the -o P onwn f" Was the fortúnate


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