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Spain's True Position

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Washington, July 27.- A member ot . the cabinet whose name is familiar in the west threw considerable light orf the prospects of peace. He said the United States had domi nothing that would give Spain or any other nation the idea that a cessation of the war would be welcomely receivefl. Thcugh there was nat the alightest doubt that if Spain should make a sincere move in the direction of tranquility her overtures would be s'espectfully oansidered. "The fact of the matter is," he con tinued, "there ara íour prospectivo points, eisher one of which furnishes a suitable opening for the institation oí peace Tiegotiations: First, th move ment -asainst Porto Rico; stcoml, the sending of Commodore Watson's fleet to the Spanish main; third, as ssault of Manila by Rear Admiral Dewey and' Gen. Merritt's army, and, fourth, a monster moveinent agaiast Havana. "Eaoh one oí these points may be taken as hints to Spain that the longer she holds off the worse the siiuation will be for her. Now is the propef time to seëk peace if sh does not wamt to lose Porto Rico entirely. "Once the Ar my is in possession Forto omes the territory cL the Tlnite-d States forever. If this opporHmity tó not allowed to slip there is time to prevent the desstruction of Camara's squadron, tho last of the Spanish navy, and save the bombardment of seacoast citles on tUe pe-ninsula. "If the Madrid uthorities remaln Impervios, if tbey ean not m'uster enough wisdom to cry quits after this, Watson will go to the Pkilippines and help Dewey subdue Spanish autUority there. The army cf Gen. Merritt will march against Manila ad occltp city, and United States military authority will be enforced. This mean that the ih r.rchipelago is lost to Spain for all time. "Should the drubbing Spain has veceived when these events have been recorded in history fail to bring her to time, ve shall send an army or 150,000 against Havana and the Spanish' soldiers there will be conqueren. Spain will then have nothing left to baxter, and tho United States will proceed to levy an indemnity, of $1,000,000,000, the amount Germany made France pay. "It is anticipated that Spain sees tho handwriting on the wall, that she realizes these things are to occur in one, two, three, four order, and vill soon fallón her linees and ask us to cease." Will Bulld Fonr Monitors. Washington, July 27.- The navy dopaïtment has issued af dvrUsement calling tor proposals for constructlng y contract four harbor defense montors provided for by the naval approprlation bill. The bids will be opened Saturday, Oct. 1. It is a matter of regret to the naval designers that the imit of cost for these vessels fixed )y congress is so low as to make it necessary to build the monitors of very small tonnage and of lighter battery power than is desirable in these advanced days, but the construction bureau has managed to prepare plana that will, after all, result in a very serviceable type of harbor defense vessels. Miles Will Use JÍrtlllery. "Washington, July 27.- Gen. Nelson A. Miles will not needlessly sacrifice the lives of his men in the capture oí san Juan, Porto Rivo. His plans contémplate a blazing of the way to Lhe gates of the city by the use of heavy and light artillery. He has persuadid the war department to send him all the available guns in the United States. Unless it is absolutely necessary there will be no more charges similar to the dash the Americans made at Santiago. It is reported here, though not officially, that Miles has landed at Ponce. This would indícate that he will personally command the right wing of the army. Gen. Brooke, if he lands at Fa jardo, will command the left wing, and Gen. Wilson will make the center lf he lands at Barcelonita. Will Be üsed as Transport. San Francisco, July 27.- A special from Vancouver, B. C states that the Canadian Pacific Railway company's steamships Tartar and Athenian are anchored in Vancouver harbor, having been taken off the Klondike rouie. Their stores are being removed and they are to become United States transports. The Athenian is registered at 4,600 tons and is constructed to carry 1,500 men, and the Tartar is a 4,000-ton ship, built to accommodate 1,200. Both ships can travl seventeen knote an hour. (Jen. Grant' Brigade Goei Camp Thomas, Chickamauga Park, Ga., July 27.- The Third brigade, First división, First corps, left Camp Thomas thie morning and will leave Ross ville, Ga., this afternoon on cars for Newport News. This brigade is commanded by Brig.-Gen. Fred Grant and is composed of the First Kentucky, Third Kentucky and Fifth Illinois. The brigade will be followed by the Third battalion of the Sixteenth Pennsylvania, which arrived after the departure of the regiment for Porto Rico. Vlolate Term of Surrender. Guantanamo Bay, July 27.- The Prairie arrived here from Nipe Bay last evening and reported all quiet. The Spaniards last night sunk the Spanish gunboat Sandoval, which has been lying near Caimanera. This is looked upon as being a gross breacli of the terms of the surrender, of which the Spaniards then had knowledge, especlally considering the fact that food had been sent by the United States navy to Caimanera. Troops for Porto Bloo. Washington, July 27.- About 22,000 troops are already under orders to take part in the Porto Rico campaign. Some have reached the island, some are steaming thither, others are boardlng ship, and many have not yet left tbeir campa In the United Btatea. It is asserted in official quarter Üiat from 10.0ÍO to 15,000 more 'men will be ordered to Porto Rico as won as the transporta are available to carry them SaJtm Coodact tor Io Stan.rsGibraltar, July 27.- In accordce with instructiona received frojn Washjgton the United States consular agent here ha issuad safe eoaducts to the Spanish steamers Isla de Luzon aa.d Isla de Panay, now at Cadiz, to procesad to Santiago and return to Spain ivith the surrendered troopa. Tm Soldisra Dis In ■opial Cinciaaatl, July 27.- Eugene O. Stokos, private, coinpany K, First Florida vohinteers, and William A. Wray, Sixty-aíuth New York volunters, died at Fort Thomas government hospital. Tha first named dled of typhoid f ever and the last oí dyaentery. Botï wlll ha huried in Bverareen cemetery. Onrantino Hálense arïard. New York, July 27,- The yellow quarantine flag was hauled down from the auxlliary cruiser Haryard today, and a red flag was hoisted, to show tUat she -waa taking ammunltion on board. There were several coa4 liarges aloagside the Harrard, frcm whieh she was I coalins. Gorman to t IMt Hoipiials. Washington, July 27 - Earon Holle ben öid not cali on tke secretary of war this morainír, as he had promised, but in his place carne Baron Sternberg, military attaché of the Germán embasey, vvho secured permission for Germán offlcers to vislt tke American railitary hospital; . N liOttSr frotn the Kaiser. Berlín, July 27.- It is semi-officially announeed that there is no foundation for the report that Dr. Holleben, the Germán ambassador at Washington, has presented to President McKinley a personal letter frora Emperor Villiam. Moro Preoaotioni y Spain. Gibraltar, July 27.- Alma Point light, near Ceuta, tha Spanish penal settlement on the coast of África, will be extinguished until further orders". lïitnk Keceiver Appolnted. Marshalltown, Iowa, July 26. - State's Attorney General Reraley went befora Judge Caswell and requested that George Andrews be appointed receivex of the Commercial State bank. The request was complied with and Andrews will take charge as seon as his $150,900 bond is approved.


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