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Killed Before Santiago

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- Washington, July 27.- Gen. Shafter's detailed report of the American casualties in the battles about Santiago has been received at the war department and is now being prepared for publication. The total number of casualties was 1,595. Recapitulated, the American losses were: Killed, twenty-three officers and 208 enlisted men; woundecl, eighty officere and 1,203 men; missing, eighty-one mén. The missing are supposed to be dead, as, so far as known, the Spanish forces took no prisonirs. In the First división, Maj.-Gen. Kent commanding, the casualties were as follows: Firet brigade, consisting of the Sixth and Sixteenth infantry and the Seventy-first New York: Killed, five officers and forty men; wounded, fourteen offlcers 'and 262 men; missing, fifty men. Second brigade, consisting of Üie Second, Tenth and Twenty-first infantry: Killed, one officer and seventeen men; wounded, ten offlcers ar.-.l 114 men; missing, three men. Third brigade, consisting of the Ninth, Thirteenth and Twenty-fourth infantry: Killed, six offlcers and thlrty men; wounded, eieren officcrg and 186 men; missing, nine men. Second división, Maj.-Gen. Lawton commanding, First brigade, consisting of the Eighth and Twenty-second infantry and the Second Massachusetts: Killed, one offlcer and fifteen men; wounded, eight officers and 111 men. Second brigade, consisting of Ihe First, Fourth and Twenty-flfth infantry: Killed, two offlcers and four "een men; wounded, five offlcers and ñftyfive men; misslag, one man. Thlrd brigade, conaisting of the Seventh, Twelfth and Seventeenth in fantry: Killed, tw offlcers and lorty-flve men; wounded, three offioers and 148 men; missing, one man. Cavalry división, Maj.-Gen. Wheeler commanding, First brigade, eonsisting of the Third, Sixth and Nlnth cavalry: Killed, two offlcers and nine men; wounded, twelve officers and 113 mtn; missing, four mn. Second brigade, coasisting of the First and Tenth cavalry and the rough riders: Killed, four offlcers and thirty men; wounded, thirteen officers and 179 men; missing, eight men. Light battery battalion: Killed, thre men; woundsd, one offlcer and eight men. HO WOED FROM MILES. Admlnlstratlon Kot Informad of LandIng la Forto Ricu. Wftshington,July 27. - When the cabinet assemblee! today Secretarles Alger and Long both announced that they had receired no dispatches from the Porto Rioo expedition. Secretary Alger especially was expectlng to hear from Gen. Milea, and was much disappointed that no word had come Irom him as to hls laading, reporte of which had been transmitted to hlm tirough the Associate I'roes. Secrtry Ion8 also was kenly expoctant ei advices from that quarter. Referrlng to th expedttlon of Commodore Watsou to the Spanlsh coat, Seoretary Lonj said there was nathijïg new with regard to that projert. "It i Burely gslng, Is lt aot?" he was asketl. "It is waiting orders fro the president," was the reply. Bocretary Day staied that thre had been n cbange in the peace outiook, and thAt ao far as he knev the administratioó had no iníormation of the reported peace note the Stpanisa are (juoted as framing. He said there had bean no overtures tor pac8 brought to hls attentlon, and declared in a general 'way that hO knew of aa developments anent the peace talk. The government is waiting to reeeiTe confirmation of reported debarkation of Gen. Miles' troeps. The war department did not expect to hear of Gen. Miles' landing nëar Ponce, as mentioaed in nevspapr dispatchess, but lt is admitted tiat Gen. Miles is master of his own niovements, and it is entirely conceireabla that he acquired iníormation sincs the original plans were formed for the campaign agaïust Porto Rico that ld nim to modify them at the moment when they were t be put into executiom. , itnin for Colombia. Jüly 27.- Admiril Candiani, it ia a dispatch reeeivod frpm Cartagena, Colombia, last formally demanded that the ibian government accept Presi,.ard in the Cerruti itlrety and to guarantee its lïiil exeoutlon. The Italian admiral insiste upon a definite reply in twenty day. Meanwhile the Italian warships will visit other Colombian ports. ___ Failure in Sw Jersey. Bridgeton, N. J., July 27.- The CumLeriand Nail and Iron company, after a long struggle, went into the hanfla gí a receiver today. Tha court appínted former Mayor John Smalley as receiver. About ?500,000 -wavth. of property is involved, including the personal esUtes of the cMef officerö. The mortgages galnst the plant amountIo f178,000.


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