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Mrs. Swayzer is still living at present writing. Mrs. Ballard ordered out her express wagon, her broom and dustpan and went for that bushei of wheat that was lacking and by careful gleaning where the machine stood when threshing she secured 2% bushels of thecereal. Next. Mrs. Parsons oL Detroit is visiting relatives in this vicinity. Martin Rawson and wife visited his father's Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Kelly werc in our vicinity soliciting frunds for the construction of the log cabin on the fair grounds at Ann Arbor. They met with encouragement from all and money from some. Benjamin is a hustler when log cabins are to be buiït. Mrs. Hunneywell, oL Detroit, is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Post of Willis. Mrs. S. P. Ballard hod the pleasure of spending a day with an old school mate of hers, Mrs. Warren of Romulus at the home of her son, Wil.liam Warren of Augusta. The rain of Monday was a pleasant reminder of Providential care. Mr. Gook has shipped two car loads of wheat from Willis and he has another loaded but the drop in the price is not favorable to the shipper and he is disposed to hold for better prices. The Creamery Association of Willis is shipping cream instead of butter at present to Detroit as the cream pays the patrons better than the butcer would. It's a go. Tfee death of Mrs. George Cook last vvesk -nhich occurred in California is in evidence that death loves a shining rnark. All who know her are saddened and in sympathy with those whose tiearts bleed because of her nearness te them. They appear to them the istry or trienaiy regard in their hour of trial hoping that the cup oL bitterness that death hath placed in their hands will in the economy of Nature become in a sense to them theolive leaf of promise that Father God, the preserver of all life, is still caring for her. Sunday is getting to be bicycle day in Willis. For one a mirute Goes by the house When we are in it And when we are out On the road We dodge here and there For the bicycle code Reads something like this: The highway is mine And if you get killed It's just in my line; Get out of the path Or 111 run over you I'm out on a lark I'm bound to go throngh.


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