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Alfred Benz, of Webster, bumped up against an obstreperous buil the other day and got a broken leg. The buil got away. Garry Densmore and vValter Pack, of Ypsilanti, received 8,000 bass flsh from the state flsh commission recently and have planted them in Portage lake. 8ixty-flve of the summer school students at Ypsilanti are taking work in the gymnasium. The board has appropriated $50 for additional apparatus. Miss Ida Mann, assistant in this department, completes the Chautaupua course in physical training this year. Agents are working the rural school district with sets of reading charts, using bogus recommendation from Superintendent Hammond. The charts are inferior and the agents ask $37 for them. Superintendent Hammond has issued a warning to school offlcers to be on the lookout for these men.- Chelsea Standard. A man giving his name as Smith worked the draft racket on Landord Dexter, of the Commercial House, and the clerk in O. A. Kelly's hardware store last Friday. At the hardware store he purchased a revolver at $3 50 and gave a $9 50 draft on the Jewel Refining Co , of Cleveland, Ohio, a flrm he claimed to represent, receiving $6 in cash. His bill at the Commercial was $4 50 and he paid with a Í5.50 draft on the same flrm and received one dollar in change. When too late the drafti were uiscoverea to De Irauds. - Milan Leader. It is but fair to ask that county offices should be divided up among the different towns of the county, and not always chosen from some one or more of the leading places. Saline has not been represented in the county portfolio for i long time, and from the Democratie ranks she comes to the front this fall and asks for a place. John Gillen, who has been berore the people more or less ia public life during years past is a candidate for sheriff. When John was postmaster at this place his work was most satisfactory, and as deputy sheriff be made a good offleer, and the office of sheriff would fall into good hands should the people of the county do him the honor. - Saline Observer. WHITMORE JL.AKE. This popular resort never had as many tourists as this season. The hotels and boarding houses are full to overflowing and innumerable tents dot the lake shore on all sides. The fishing is extra good and the catching of black is pheuomenal. Mr. and Mrs. John Todd and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Heimore, of Bay City, Mr. and Mrs. Henry.of Morice, take this opportunity of thanking their friends and neighbors for their kindness and sympathy during the sad bereavment by the death of their mother, Mrs. ElinaHenry, who died on July Hth while on a visit to her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. John Todd. A friend in need is a friend indeed. Monday morning about 7 o'clock during a severe thunder storm lightning struck the rear end of the Clifton house knocking a hole in the gable end and a corner off the chimney. Fleet Smith got a slight shock anp 011e of the servant girls, Grace Phillips, was knocked down and the bottoms of her feet were badly blistered. Dr. Lemon says she will come out all right. The Hurd-Holmes Agricultural company on Detroit streetare erecting a commodious shed for agricultural machinery, carriages, etc. This increase in spaoe is made necessary by the larere increase in the company's business this season.


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