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The Gallant Thirty-first

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Washington dispatches say that the officers of the Thirty-flrst regiment are becoming uneasy lest they are not ordered to take part in the Porto Rico expedition, and numerous diplomatic inquiries have reache'd Secretary Algcr and his aids through various channels. The latest Information given out is to the effect that the selectlon of the regiments to go from Camp Thomas, where the Thirty-flrst is staüoned, would be left entirely to Gen. Brooke, but that the number of troops to be taken from that camp would be determined by the adjutant-general in the course of a few days. It was further announced that Gen. Brooke has strongly recommended the Thirty-first regiment for this expedtlon. On the basis of the orders already given by the adjutant-general. Gen. Brooke has assigned the first división of his corps to the expeditlon, and ïopes to have authority to take the second and third divisions. As the Michigan boys are in the second división, the department officials are still confident hat they will be sent to San Juan éarly n the campaign. In this connection an officer of the department has received a letter from a rivate In the Thirty-first in which he egs to be told whether the Michigan roops will be given a chance in the Porto Rico affair. AU sorts of rumors are current here about our movements," the writer says, 'Tou can hear that we are goinff to Dorto Rico at once and in the same jreath that we are never tp po there. ?he story that makes us aü hot is Lhat we wlll be kept here all summer to lean up Camp Thomas as a snub to ïov. Pingree. This is pretty tough, alhough we don't believe the department has any such idea in view. Still it makes us sick to think that old "Ping" can go kylarking around the country making an ass of himself, while Michigan has o stand for it. If he'd only stay at ïome and tend to his business, it would be much more to his credit and to the redit of the state. He may think he s making a great hit with the boys, but f he could hear the talk of the fellows n the Thirty-flrst I think it would open lis eyes. He doesn't pull the wool over heir opties any more."


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