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To the Y. M. C. A. and Friends- The messages froon Captain Granger, Lieut. Pack and Chaplain White, -which should ïave reached me in time to be read at he Chickamauga meeting Sunday afernoon, were delayed in transmission. Did not get them until this morning, Monday, July 25th. Below are their etters, all testifying to the good work hich the Y. M. C. A. is doing both for fficers and men of the Thirty-first. egiment. M'CLEL-LAN H. MOGK. The Y. M. C. A. is in reeipt of the following letters from the boys at Camp Thomas: Camp Thomas, July 22. - To the members of the Y. M. C. A. of Arm Arbor: Dear Friends - The work of your organization here is certainly marked by the great good done the soldier boys, giving them opportunity to listen to good Christian advlce, cheering them on in noble patriotic work, both for their country and their God. God bless you for the opportunity given them. The work of Mr. Johnson, Mr. Flynn and others is certainly well done and highly appreciated. With very best wishes and kindest regards, I am, yours slncereiy, ROSS GRANGER, Capt. Co. A. Camp Thomas, July 22. - To the members of the T. M. C. A. of Ann Arbor: Dear Friends - I am sure that if all of the members of the Thirty-first Michigan Infantry could be at your meeting next Sunday that they would gladly testify to the good work that you have done in sending Mr. Johnson here with the Y. M. C. A. tent. Some of them, like myself, would be unable to express to you their appreciation of the g-ood done as well as the convenience that the reading and writing materials have afforded. I commend your action in sending such a hard working and enthusiastic man as Mr. Johnson has been. There are a good many T. M. C. A. men in the regiment, and I think that you will all be as proud of their record as soldiers as you are of their standing as men and Chrfstians. With regards to all friends of the association, I am, yours sincerely. A. C. PACK, Lieut. Co. A, 31st Mich. Inf. Chickamauga Park. Ga., July 22.- Brother Y. M. C. A., Ann Arbor- I send fraternal greetings in the Lord. Our work herf is a blessing to offlcers and men. The great reading tent. under the efficiënt management of Mr. Benton Johnson, is proving of great value in every way and recognized to be a power for good among all. The religeous life of Christian men has been quickened, misbelief rebuked, sinners saved and social interests for good multiplied. Whether we shall be able to make provisión for the transportation of tent and equipment is yet a problem. Michigan never did a wiser thlng :han to fnrnish the intellectuaïly strong, moral and Christian men of the Thirtyïrst with facilities for keeping every taoulty nüve and vigorors. Pray for as, for the time of our departtire Is at hand. Yours fratprnally. E. W. WHITE, Chapia in.


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