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W. D. Ellis is spending a few days in Detroit. Mail Carrier Shier is taking a lay-off for a few days. Rev. James A. Brown is visiting in TJuffalo for a few days. Irs E. M. Daniels is entertaining her ster," Mrs. Shurz, of Kalamazoo. Mrs Canfield is entertaining her son, Bert, of Chicago, during the -week. Weinmann and Mathews drug store will te open for business next week. Rev Edward Shaw, of North Dakota, is visiting his paren ts for a few daft. Misa Alice Grimes has gor.e to Villiamston on a short visit with friends. There will be a picnic in the Fourth -ward park next Wednesday evenmg. Horner Bros. are moving their shoe stock into the store vacated by Barnum. Mrs. Albert Todd and Miss Nora Jacox leave Saturday for a trip up the lakes. The corner stone of the new Presbyterian church at Saline will be laid next Sunday. Rosa Whitman, of Ann Arbor, U : one of the new conductora on the D., T. & A. A. Ry. According to the almanac August 1 is the darkest day in the year- Emancipation day. Mrs Charles Coryell, of Toronto, is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Smith. John Terns and family have gone to Detroit, where Mrs. Terns' mother is dangerously UI. Henry M. Snow, who has been spending some time in the city, has returned to Colunrbus, Ohio. Miss Allie Bogardus has gone to Sugar Island, where she will camp with a party of Detroit friends. Mesdames Will Carpenter, Fred Horner and Arthur Sullivan are spending the week at Base lake. Mrs. E. M. Fullerton and Kittie St.evenson, of Ypsilanti, spent Svnday in Windsor with F. J. Parent and family. W. S. Baxter and family and W. C. Stevens, of Ann Arbor, will move into the old Stevens' residence within a short time. Mrs. James Osborn, of Cwosso, is in the city attending her mother, Mrs. Hendrick, who feil down the stairs and broke her collar bone. Fred Horner was puiling1 a larg-e yesterday withi a patent puller and in some way the nail flew in his right eye, so that he is compeüed to have it bandaged. Will Carpenter's homeing pigeons made the distance from Adrián to Ypsilanti Sunday in an hour and 24 minutes. They will fly from Lansing next Sunday. Henry Stumpenhauser confered with M. T. Woodruff yesterday and upon the refusal of the latter to again take the nomination for the legislature, he decid ed to take it himself. Mrs. G. E. Waterman and daughter Leona left íor Colorado Springs this morning on account of Mrs. Waterman's health. Mrs. G. M. Monroe, of Ami Arbor, accompanied them. Mrs. Nancy Vought is spending the summer in company with her granadaughter Miss Leoh Spencer at the sea shore off the coast of Maine. From New York city they were accompanied ty W. G. Vought. George Cook, register of deeds, received a message last night calling him to California where his wife is dying. She has been there for sorr.e time for her health, but the climate only prolonged life. Mr. Cook lef; this afternuon. The attention of Aid. Van Fossen is called to the smoke nuisanoe near Huron st. It will be in ordár for him to draw up an ordinance whereby all factories, and where much smoke issues forth from the chimneys that smoke consumers shall be used. Friday an oíd man 6S years of was seen tramping through our streets, and in the afternoon Marshal Hixson received a letter enquiring for him. His name is Henry Kempf, of Detroit, and ho is walking to Chicago. The route he takes is through Manchester, and notice has been sent there to apprehend him. Eugene and Dave Dodge, Malcolm McVicker and Bobie Cross are going hunting in the near future. Eugene told Bobie that he is to carry the game bag, but the latter asked if he could not also use the gun, whereupon he was told that he would use Dave's gun when he is asleep. "Oh," says Bobie," then I oan shoot all the time." A Northville man named Bennett was so elated over the advent of a daughter at his house that he immediately rushed around town and passed the cigars. That's nothing, though. Frank Bogardus, of Ypsilanti, on a similar occasion passed a milk wagon and two loads of wool before he got to the store.- Adrián Press. Lee Brown, city attorney of Ypsilanti, sues for divorce, alleging 11 different charges, all of which are termed cruelty. Mrs. Lee must be a Spaniaril to be so cruel as that. Both parties to the suit have high social standing, and the unfortunate differences that thus mar forever the life of each are universally] regretted by their friends. - Adrián Press. "Very intelligent dog is Leo," (the pacing wonder) said Louis' Bishop. "Why last week when I went out hunting I carne to a woods and began looking arount, but the dog would not come. I called him and still he would not move, but only looked up. I retraccd my steps and there I saw a sign reading '$10 fine for huntiner on these grounds; dogs shot on sight.' " An Ypsilanti lady of great weight and magnitude was on the electrlc car a few days ago and the car was derailed, .iarring her considerably. She was sitting in the front part and on her return from Detorit she took the rear seat. "The rear sea's are for smokers," said the conductor. "Well, if I've got to smoke to sit here. give me ai cigar," was the retort, and the conductor shouted "fare, fare." Charles Henrys, a well known farmer living three and one-half miles southwest of Belleville, was killed Saturday about noon while crossing the "Wabah railroad about a mile west of town. Mr. Henrys had been in Belleville a.nd was on his way home. He had reached "what is known as Pell's Oropsing when his horse became fricrhtened and the train, which was coming at a rapid rate, caufrht him on the crnssing and threw him abont 100 feet, kininsr him instantly. Mr. Henry was about Rft years old and leaves a widow in destitute circumstances. A. justirp of the peace was called and ompanolerl a jury and wlll hold an ir.auest on Tuesday. The deceased ivas buried yèsterday.


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