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Camp Thomas, Chickamaiga Park, July 23.- (Special.)- Capt. McKeand soored another sucoess in his company when he appointed Andrew B. Claspie, Paul Zeigler, John R. Hudson, Robert Wint, Chas. Hylen and James S. Doyle corporals. Wlth the exception of Zeigler and Wint, the rest are new men in the company. The boys are well drilled and have every qualification requisite for the position and are respected by the entire company. Col. Gardner has conflrmed their appointment. For over a week Camp Thomas has been all excitement and bustle. Already troops have been moved to make up the Puerto Rican expedition, and those in command give the toys of the Thirty-flrst every hope that "Ihey will be included among those who are to be hurried to the front. But as similar prophesies in the past have failed to materiallze, the boys are slow to believe that they are at last to leave for Puerto Rico and be soldiers in fact as they have been so long in name only. Drills are being made more rigid, discipline more severe, in a word, strict military regulations are in force. The colonel rules with a kind but firm hand. He is always ready to reward faithful service and seldom fails to punish breaches of discipline. It will be of interest to the people of Ypsilanti to know that fiom last pay day Chaplain White sent home for the boys over $2,500. Most of this money was sent to mothers and wives. Company Clerk Watson is out of the hospital and is again attending to his clerical duties. Several times during the past month our popular Lieut. Green has, at the request of several prisoners, been appointed by Col. Gardner to defend them before the court martial. In most of these cases he has either cleared, his Client or secured a moderate sentence. HILL.MAN. Camp Thomas, Chickamauga Park July 24.- (Special.)- A heavy rain has made life at Camp Thomas disagreeable today and tonight it is still raining. Since last writing, Burton Johnson manager of the T. M. C. A. tent, has received some seven hundred more magazines and books, swelling the regimental libráry to over 1,500 volumes. These books are let out to the boys to be read Burt said that close on to $60 is required per month for running expenses. The tent is the religious home for the boys of the Thirty-first. Colonel Gardener has ordered that a bilí of fare each compar.y shall be made out each day and posted at the entrance to the cook's kitchen, and that a eommissioned ofticer from each company in the regiment shall be present while the boys aré 'getting their rations. to see that all are treated fairiy and that each gets nis rightful share. As a precaution that this order will be carried out, he has ordered the offlcer of the day to make a tour of the cooking kitchens and see that the order is enforced. This is another example of Col. Gardener's care of his men. As the time draws near when the regiments in the flrst and second divisions are likely to move to the frcnt, orders have been issued from headquarters to the effect all men not in a good physical condition will be sent to a hospital in Tennessee, where they will likely stay until after the war. This order has had a magical effect on the boys throughout the Thirty-first, to use the words of one of the doctora, "has done more to cure the men than all the medicine in the hospital." Probably every man now in Co. G will go with the company if it is ordered out. Night before last the regiment held its first dress parade since being in Camp Thomas. Th ose able to judg-e were highly pleased with the showing made. Alex La Due, of Co. G, has made a record while on guard. At dead of nig-ht he halted the offlcer of the day and the offlcer of the guard. lt was done so well that Acting Major Holloway, who was officer of the day, complimented Capt. McKeand on having so efficiënt a sentinel in his company. Por over a week pratice in digging trenches has been in progress at sion headquarters. The detail from Co. G has been under the command of Corporal Ed Owen. Company Clerk Watson has been detailed at regimental hospital. Capt. McKeand has a splendid picture of his tent, and seated around a table are the captain and Lieut. Green. The picture is very natural. The boys of the Third battalion hear with pleasure the news of the recovery of their beloved and respected major. They hope to see him back. Harry Gwinner has been appointed by Capt. McKeand second company musieian. Sergeant Webb, who has been sick for several days, is rapidly recovering. The boys are holding their ovn against the damp weather and other conditions not conducive to health, and all they desire to make them happy is an order to move at once to Porto Rico.


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