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Mr. and Mrs. Kd Walker have gene to Zukey lake to spend the summer. Misses B. A. Green and Helen. McCain, of Jackson, are in the city. Miss Jennie Lawrence, oí Caro, is ■vising friends and relatives in the city. Thos. Kearney and Chas. E. Hiscock are spending the week at Zukey lake. Mr. John Sutherland, of Detroit, sptnt Sunday with his cousin, Miss Margaret Scott. Bicycle dealers report that cyclometers are something of a drug on the market. On July 31st the Christian Endeavor society of the Church of Christ will observe Michigan day. lira. W. W. Watts and Miss Florence Benham have gone to Grand Rapids to spend a couple of weeks. Rev. J. T. Sunderland and family expeet to start for California, tkeir future home, in about two weeks. The Ypsilanti TJnderwear baseball team beat the Ann Arbor Black Bulls Saturday by a score of 21 to 19. Mrs. James JacoLus, of 209 Catherine st. has gone to Grand Rápida to spend I th her son Edward. Attorncy Fred Bacon, of Dutte, ï tana, arrived Friday night, callei! by the serious illness oL hls . Twelfth st. ■ ( Miss Lizzie Spalding, who has been spending the past week with Miss Malie Moore, of Miller ave., returned to her home in Dtroit Saturday. The death claim of Mrs. Esther Pike in the L. O. T. M. was paid within six days of her death. This shows prompt: ness that is extraordinary. Tliose wishing to take in the Saengerfest in Berlín. Ont., may procure 'che tickets o ier. Forty-five tickets have already been sold. Pro Ia., i spend th holds a position th Prof. Stanley in the U. i f The postoffice i3 being treated to a general cleaning and we have pretty good assurance that we shall a!so have some new curtains at those west windows. The Misses Carrïe Kravse, Bertka Feiner and Kmma Weitbrecht have returned from their trip to Washington. Philadelphia, Niágara Falls and the seashore. urday for a with her i-on i lant of the el. ,-x of that i 11 begin the building of a new house on his premiset on N. State st. in the near future. Walker has so far recovered as to be able to walk across the street -without support. S. A. Moran's ehoice of member of the congressional . committee froin Washtenaw was H. J. Prettyman, alt'nough he says his main fight was to keep Prof. E. F. Johnson from being appointed. Mr?. George Cook, wlCe of the register of deeds, died at Pacific Grove Cal iorday of consumption. A strange occurrence is that a few weeks ago Mrs Cook had settled upon yesterday ;.s the date upon which she would start for aome. The board of public works has' purchased a new $150 road grader. O. C. G. Lutz, coüoc'or for the Faimers & banu, is enjoj'lhg liis vacatioh. The barns of Peter Vanee, a farmer two miles west of this city, were burned to the ground a few nights ago. Mrs. James Turner, of Lansing, has leased Eugene E. Beal's residence on Madison st. and will occupy it after Sept. 1. Dr. C. B. Kinyon is having his property on Hill st. wired for elertric lights, in addition to making extensive alterations. Cari Brown has resigned his position in the Ann Arbor Savings bank and accepted the position of cashier In a bank in Ohio at a salary of $1,400. Adolph Woodbury, an employé at the Hay & Todd factory, lost the first joint of the second finger on his left hand one day last week. Jür. Brooks dresseö the ivound. Postmaster Pond has had the letter boxes along Main st. removed telephone poles and placed on neat, durable iron posts belonging to the pbstoflice department. About thirty Presbyterian young peo. iii give a picnic this afternoon in the' Pratt woods, nörtheast of the . In honor of Miss M. Belle öp'erry, of Ann Arbor. - Adrián Times. 13. Harriman's verse about Cervera published in a recent number of the Detroit Free Press has been reprinted in the New York Journal aocompanied by a full page illustration. üeo. F. Key, L. D. Wines, Eugene Koch, Eugene Mutschel and J. W. Benui' Lt, oL this city, .will make up the , choir at the Masonic corner stone laying at Saline July 31. Many Ann Árbor Masons will attend. General Secretary Caldwell, of the local Y. M. C. A., reports for the quárter ending June SO, 130 active members, 141 contributors, an average attendance of 42 at ten meetings, 15 at the Bible classes and 7 professed conversions. In response to a telegram announcing hls wife is growing v. ;ter of Deeds Geo. A. Cook left this vitevnoon on the long journey to P.icinc Grove. California, where .r.'s. :,„.- for some timo in i!i hope ot gaining her health. Postmarster y that onr statement that the revenue sta cents must be placed upon all money a trine misleading. The ■l to the order but .tra two cents is charged for it, ïue account being kept ;ie department.- Dexter i While working in the Ann Arbor shops one day this week, Courtland Carpenter was taken wlth catileptic fits He was taken to Ann Arbor yesterday to receive treatment under Dr Herdman. When sufficiently recovered to do so, he will be removed to his home in Howell until he regains his' lost health.- Owosso American. That AVashtenaw County has a most competent official in Prosecuting Attorney Kirk and that he left the office la competent hands when he went wlth the boys to Chickamauga is shown by the followmg report which has just been soisqs0-1" het fx months enains June n?,'t I lln Íral number f cases prosecuted 250. Number convicted, numnfernoa?Ui4ted ,7: dismisd on payment of costs, 28; nolle possed, 17; discharged on examinatlon, 7. Marriage license issued: Horace W. Mashatt and Lillian Roderick, both of Ypsilanti. A New State telephone has been ordered put in the council chamber in the court house. Otto Alfred, the infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Kern, of Ann Arbor town, died last night. Miss Douglass, who has been visiting her sister, Mrs. Howard Bement, at Lansing, has returned. James Robertson, a gradúate of pharmacy and registered pharmaeist of Pt. Hurón, Mich., has entered the employ of J. J. Goodyear. Edwin, the six years' oíd son of Mr. and Mrs. Abraham Larmee, of Ann Arbor town, died yesterday. The funeral will be held tomorrow. Bugene Helber has sent Flashiight away to be conditioned for campaigning. He will now devote himself wholly to grooming Hank Smith for the campaign in this eounty. Mr. Otto E. Lessing, '95, instructor in Germán at the University of Michigan, 'aG-'93, will be married to Fraeulein l Dilg, of Stuttgart, Germany, withln a few weeks. Dr. Lunn will erect a one-story building on Fourth xive. north of the Henning block, and the öwner of the occupied by Jacob Volland cont3mplates the erection of a new building. L. L. James and Edw. H. Cro comprising the iirm of L. L. Jam Co., have dissolved partnership. James will continue the business Mr. Croakin will return to Dexter. Addie Poland has made complaint against hor husband, Thomas Poland, 1 charging him with non support. The defendant plead not guilty and the has been set for tri st Thursday. i;ce Gummere, of the Ni Supreme court, says that a child is worth only $1 to its parents. The mother who so unmercifully beat her child in this city several days ago must thlnk that her child is worth about one cent. V.'inifred DePue, accompanied usin. . Frank 'Osgood, cashier forti, h-e Fence Co., of Ai!; to Hamburg on their wheels Sat and are spending a few days with their uncle, Mortime-r Twitcheli, of that place. A large party of Ann Arbor people, resorting at Bay View carne down on the dummy, and took the South Arm boat to Ironton, where they called the Rev. M. Bradshaw, and other Ann Arborites xesoTting there. - Peto:-key Resorter. The D., Y.& A. A. R. R. is continuing its iinprovements. They are putting in the grooved rails, starting at Catharine st., and a gang is constructing the "Y" running down Ann st. It is said.that the new Detroit cars will be running the last of this week. Charles E. Wilcox has commenced suit in the Circuit court against "Walter' Lathrop, who lives at the turn in the motor line. Wilcox alleges that he leased the Lathrop farm of 110 acres and the Lathrop milk route for ?3 a day the year around. After Wilcox had harvested and threshed 284 bushels of wheat and stored it in the barn, he claims Lathrop hauled it away, claiming he did so to protect hirrself so that Wilcox wouia put in a erop of wheat Uils fall. It is stated that the University at Ann Arbor is to have its head put back on, or another equally g-ood. (Froperiy speaking, people would say a "dome.") Since the oíd dome was taken off several years ago, the building has been a first-class muley. - Saline Observer. Maj. Charles B. Nancrede says that he will resign his position in the íirmy and resume his duties in the University next fall. He states that both Dr. Vaughan and himself cannot be spared at the same time, and further that there are more división surgeons now than there are places for. Lena Knapp has made a complaint against William Fuchs charging him with assault and battery. It seems that there was some trouble over a board bill and a general mix-up followed. The defendant plead not guilty and the case was set for trial for Aug. 3. Mrs. H. B. Wright, mother of Emrna W. Littlejohn, of Ypsilanti and Mrs. II. N. Hicks, died Tuesday morning at 5 o"clock at the home oí Mrs. Hicks, on the river road. The funeral will be held Thursday at 4 p. m. The interment will be made at Botford's Cemetery. The on the question of I tion of both loan associaüons - the ! on Valley and the Ann Arbor- Saturday ! night was.decidedly in the afftrmative. There were 1113 who voted "yes" and ! 13 who voted "no." It is to be hoped that the figure 13 wiïl prove no h in the action. The new cm, ■ appolnted week at Chiekarnauga are being shoved into the traces and are already takingtheir places of responsibility in squad duty and extended order drill. Promo-] tions to date in Co. A are: Corps. C F. Juttner, Arthur C. Warren, O?' Burkhardt, Charles P. Severson Ralph V. D. Magoffln. The Democrats of the Socond representative .district are hot after John K. Campbell's place in the legislature. Aid. I V,r. A. Moore and Aid. M. B. Sch'affer, ' of Ypsilanti city, and Henry StumpenhuSen, of Ypsilanti town, are all out for' the nomination. A1! are good men and I it looks as though "The Campbells are i coming" (nit) this year. The IX, Y. & A. A. has now ha 1 second bad accident on the road. About 9 o'clock Tuesday Thomas! Calcaterra was struck by ene of the bis;! cars on Michigan ave. near Seventh st. i in I)etroit. He was thrown forward and upward, and when he landed on his head on the track the wheels passed over and crushed his right foot. Death seems certain. People who patronize the post . would do well to bo3r in mind that Uncle Sam does not require the : master to publtefc advertised letters in '. the newspapers. A typewritten list of advertised letters is kept in a case on ' the wall on the east side of the general delivery room, where are, also, posted ' for inspe-ction, letters "held for p age," "better directions," etc. The ' average person does rot know of this ] case, particularly people v.'ho live in i the ccatntry, and the consequern that many advertised letters are never ' callea for. Letters remaining unelaímed ' longer than two weelcs in a post-oíüce i should be advertised in all of the papers i of a town the sizo of Ann Arbor, and ' since our cong-ressman from this i trict has nothihg else to do but to looi; i after the post-ofllce it would be a verv '- good thing for his country if he would Í secure an appropriation for this purpose I Trinity Lutheran Sunday school will hold its annual picnio on the church lawn on Friday evening of this week. Ice cream and cake and a car ride will be enjoyed by all the members of the school. Let every one be present. The school will also serve ice cream and cake to all its friends at 10 cents, and extends a cordial invitation to everyone. Charles Lohr, son of Mrs. Philip Loiir, of Packard st., died Saturday night at Albion, Mlch. Two weeks ago today he feil from a building, breaking his arm and injuring himself internally. During the entire two weeks he has been unconscious. He leaves a widow and a daughter. He was well known in this city, having lived in this vicinity up to eight years ago, when he removed to Albion. "Water from the art&sian wells of Prof. Steere's celery farm brought to the city twice a week and retailed at a State st. pharmacy for two cents a quart. Several families in the city are using it for drinking purposes - the water, not the pharmacy - and eonsider it much purer than the city water in Slimmer time. Dr. Vaughan has made an analysis of the water and. pronounces it entirely free fr&m germs. Saturday the GO days elapsed in whïch Frederick Graves, administrator of the Mollie Bennett estáte, was granted time for filing a bilí of exoaptions and moving for a new trial in the Scnemerhorn case. As no bill of exceptinns was fïled the case cannot now be appsaled to the Supreme court and the only hopo the administrator has is that Judg-e Kinrfe will grant his motion for a new trial. If he does not Attorney Frank. Sti ers can commence werking the farm this fall. Fred E. Britten, a former Ann Arbor boy, is advertised to speak on prohibition at the court house July 29 at 2 ; The hand bilis say: "The speaker divide time wlth anyone who will takel the negative of the questlon: JIs the License Voter a Rumseller?' What will you do with this challenge? Come loadod and there will be same fun." N"ow, . isn't that pretty funny advice to advise a crowd to get "loaded" and come to a prohibition meeting. Resides, who is froinor te, fürnish the rnonty for thom to get "loaded" with? It turns out that Jijs Grace De! Golia, of Eaton Rapids. who turned the heads of the young society men of Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor last winter while visiüng in this city. was secretlj married .Tune 25 at "Windsor, Ont., to Jerome Hannan. a son of a farmer 1' four miles west of "Wayne. Grace kepi the marriag-e certifícate, and when she reached home hid it undor the carpet of her bedroom. When the house waó being cleaned it was discovered. Tears - obdurate father- flnally forgave her- blessed her - urged her to return to her husband. M. H. French & Co. 's bank at "West Branch, Mich.. suspended business temporarily Friday morning and was taken in charge by Trustee Teo pending an investigation. The extent of the liabilities or assets is not known. but it is expected they will pay in ful!. Local depositors have been paid in f uil. President M. H. French is prostrated and cannot make any statement. The ure of the French Land & Lumber Co is given as the cause of the suspension' It may affect the bank at East Tawa= : '■li was city clerk of Ann Arbor ín 8o. Cora Campbell, of this city, has commenced suit for divorce against her husband, William A. Campbell. She alleges that on Peb. 16, 1898, only flve montha ago, she was married to the said William Campbell, but that she and her husband have never lived and cohabited together as husband and wife. She alleges in her bill that her husband promised that as soon as they were married he would provide her with a home, but this he has not done and she asks the court to cut the knot that binds them together. Dexter is undergoing quite an exciteme'nt beeause of the presence of a faitii cure doctor in its midst. He is a tall young man about 30 years of age ar.d comes from Detroit. It is said that his I flrst case, Mrs. Wm. Weston, vas svccessful. She was apparently ilying from heart trouble, and the story runs that he came into the room unknowji to her and In flve minutes she commenoed to feel better and breathed regularly. She is now rapidly improving in health. This case gave him considerable prestige and it is said he has several Dexterites treating with him. "Why don't the Times give an open I air concert two or three times a week?" i has been asked so often that we feel called upon to explain that musicians have to be paid for their work and that the Times cannot afford to hire a band to g-ive a free concert as often as lovers of music would like to attend one. Our merchants and business men do not feel either that such a venture would be especially condueive to their interest, and so we see no way to ace desiring music any assistanee . recommend them to take the o: and attend the grand open ai. at Belle Isle, which is given every Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock. A State st. business man had occasion to send a packago by express one day last week and was èxacted, of course, by the agent to put on the one-cent revsnue stamp on the receipt. To get oven, he actually stood there and made that busy agent write hiin a receipt for that one cent. Everybody is hoping that the express ctfinpanies will have to pay their share of the internal revenue tax, but it should be borne in mind that the local agent is in no wise responsible for the company's method= and that if he failed to do as he was mstrueted his employers would no doubt promptly discharge him. The way for the business man to get even with the express companies is to use his inuuence-at the i wn crugh the monopolies. Another fine row in the Pingree political family has arh-en out of the r rel between Bill Judson and Pure Food Commissioner Grcsvenor. Judson had given Grosvenor a written statement that when Spalding secured enough votes to enable the Washtetlaw delegation to nominate he would hand over the Wedemeyer delegation. But Billv wouldn't do it; said he had ..ever made , , a Pr-mise and indued Thomas Clark, of Monroe, wbo had secured his Place on the delegation through G'osyenor's indorsement, to flunfc. Besides this Billy had the nerve to demand that Grosvenor swing more Monroe votes to Wedemeyer to please the governor. As e didn t, Judson says there will be a vacancy in the pure food coir.misisonership, and Grosvenor intimated that When Boss Judson asks for the prisen wardenship he will take such a fall as nasn,t been seen since his Satanic majBSty's celebrated ñmr, n,t r o„j:„


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