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Chickamauga, Tenn., July 25. - Gen. Erooke and staff left this morning on a special train for Newport News,whence they go to Porto Rico. The departure of Gen. Brooke leaves Maj.-Gen. J. F. Wade in command of Camp Thomas. At an early hour the reserve hospital corps, reserve ambulance corps, the signal corps, troop H of the Sixth United States cavalry, and company F, Eighth United States infantry, left on special trains for Newport News. The several comraands marched five miles to Rossville, where they were loaded on special trains. h-o w morning four light batteries of artillery- A of Illinois, B of Pennsylvania, A of Missouri, and the Twenty-seventh Indiana - will leave for Newport News. The Wc ole of the First corps, with the exception of the two brigades of the First división, are now en route, leaving next week for Porto Rico. The regiments are as folio ws: Fifth Illinois, Third Wisconsin, First Kentucky, Sixteenth Pennsylvania, Second Wisconsin, Third Kentucky, Thirtyfirst Michigan, One Hundred and Sixtieth Indiana, First Georgia, Sixth Ohio, One Hundred and Fifty-eighth Indiana, First West Virginia, Seconü Ohio, First Pennsylvania, Fourteenth Minnesota, Seventeenth Minnesota. First South Carolina, Fifth Pennsylvania, Eighth Massachusetts, Twentyflrst Kansas, Twelfth New York, Ninth Pennsylvania, Second Missouri and First New Hampshire. It is announced here that immediately af ter the several corps have left Chickamauga park the organization of the Sixth corps, to be commanded by Major General James H. Wilson, will be begun and completed. The corps will consist of twenty-seven regiments from the second cali for volunteers, numbering In all 36,000. While the First is moving, the park officials, it is understood, will perfect the sanitary conditions at the park, clean off the grounds, and have everything in good shape for the volunteers. North Carolina Is In Line. Washington, July 25. - Gov. Ruesell of North Carolina, in a dispatch to the Associated Press, denies the accuracy of the statement by the war department that North Carolina has been slow in offering volunteers and has not raised its quota of troops as called for in the president's two proclamations. He adds: "Our three regiments were organized promptly and large numbers have been offered in excess of the quota." Thlrty Knots an Honr. San Francisco, Cal., July 25. - The torpedo boat destróyer Farragut willbe given her official trial trip next week. The exact date of the trial has not yet been decided upon. Shipmasters will be requested to give the torpedo boat the right of way, for it is determined to make the little craft make thirty knots of speed. Ready to Recelve Gen. Miles St. Thomas, D. W. I., July 25.- The Spaniards at St. Juan de Porto Rico are making extensive preparations to resist an anticipated attack upon the part of the United States warships, which are understood to be convoying the ármy of invasión commanded by Gen. Miles. Adjt.-Gen. Galnsha Denl. San Francisco, Cal., July 25. - Chas. H. Galusha, adjutant-general of the Nevada national guard, is dead at the Germán hospital as the result of a surgical operation. He was a native ot New York aged 53 years. Spain Chokes Off Crltlclum. New York, July 25. - A dispatclf to the World from Madrid says: "The government has ordered the censors everywhere to prohibit the printing of any news of the declarations of generáis or civil officials." Jfo Hwrry at Canteen. From the Kansas Olty Star: Witfe the frrivaJ of 5,000 volu&teers the JefferBon barracks canteeu swiried wlth business. It was a downrlght luxury for the vohinteers who were unused to eating government ratious, as well as a wüiaiall for the Third Cavalry, which öjrated it. The Third had been staüoaed at the barracfcs, but is now at thè front There waa this difference, h&wever - that the hungry customer who pushed into the reBtaurant crylng "(Jet me a steak qoick!" would find the waiter oblivious to hls presence for a epace of several minutes. "Can't I tave a steak?" The walter would not turn from hls conversation with a soldier about how the Third fared at Chickamausa. "Say, wou't you take my order?" Then, wiping hls hands on bis apron, dieclosing cavalry trousers, the waiter would reply: "You can have ham and eggs if you are good." In the barroom it waa the same thing. The customers who shouted loudly for beer would have to wait. If they beat oh the counter the bartender would say: "Here, mister, If you do that agaln you won't get any beer." Wise were those who cama o tho canteen wlth fitting humility, for they were SSived promptly. Subscribe for The Democrat.


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