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A knowledge of the regions where our army and navy are operating is absolutely essential to an intelligent understanding of their movemente, as reported day by day in the newspapers. Almoet every hour brings the news of some change in the Bituation o? fresh strategie move of our neet, and now that the army is engaging in the campaign, the interest deepens, and every true American and patriot watches the issue with bated breath. In the interest of its readers, THE DEMOCRAT has completed arrangements with the famous map publishers, Rand, McNally & Co., oí Chicago, for a publication of a STANDARD WAR ATLAS ! The latest and most accurate maps have been prepared, at great expense, especially for this Atlas, and we can assure our readers that the collection is by far the best that has been published. The maps are doublé the size of any others in the market. The Atlas Comprises the Following Maps: Cuba - 14x21 in. Spain and Portugal 14x21 in. The World (showing course of Asia (showing new Siberian stearu vessels, cable and Railroad) 14x21 in. graph lines 21x28 in. África- 14x21 in. West Indies - 14x21 in. Oceania (and Caroline Islands) North America (showing cable 21x28 in. lines) - - - 21x28 in. China - 14x21 in. South America (showing cable Harbor Charts, showing Matanlines) - . 14x21 in. zas, Santiago de Cuba, Havana, PhilippiDe Islands 11x14 in. Cienfuegos, Manila, and San Juan; Hawaiian Islands 11x14 in. also Cárdenas and Santa Clara Europe - - 21x28 in. Bays, and Island of Porto Rico. Elegantly printed in colore, on heavy map paper, and bound in attractive paper covers. These maps will be an invaluable aid to one who wishes to follow the progress of the war. You cannot buy this magnificent Atlas at any store. THE DEMOCRAT has contracted for a large edition, and has the exclusive agency for this territory. Do not make the mistake of confounding the Atlas with the cheap, smaller atlases now on the market. It is just out and entirely new. The maps are clear and distinot, and twice the size of any others published. Price 5öc. The Atlas aud The Democrat One Year $1.00.


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