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City Treasurer Seyler has collected in about $10,000 of the city's taxts so fax. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. F. Dorrance have returned from Ann Arbor.- Jackson Press. Col. Dean and family have g-one to Old Mission and will remain there for a month. Clark Hawes, of Ann Arbor, spent Sunday and Monday in the city.- Jackson Prese. Prof. T. R. Willard, of Knox college, Galesburg, 111., is spending a few days with Rev. J. W. Bradshaw. Mrs. Cena De Pue and sister. Miss Osgood, of Adrián, are spending a few days with friends in Detroit. Prof. and Mrs. C. A. Blakt-slee, Franklin st west, are visiting Mrs. Marshall, of Ann Arbor.- Lansing Republican. If Col. Judson's Rough Riders want a little practice in rough riding between converitions they might prance up and down Main st. at the present time. The Klondike party of which Messrs. Wallace and Taylor are at the head, will start next Monday, so they say. Mr. "Wallace is in Washington, D. C, and will not return until Saturday. Major John P. Kirk intends to return to his batalion, reports to tfce contrary notwithstanding. He has written to ascertain when he will have to report and how he will get transportation. Mrs. Aretus Dunn, of E. Washington st. has just received word of the death of her son, Frank Otis, who died on board snip in the Gulf of Mexico. He was a mate on one of the large gulf vessels. Private Wheeler, of Co. A„ Mich Vol., is here on a seven days furlough. He says that life at Chickamauga has become so monotonous that every man is anxious to be moved to Porto Rico so that they may see some action. Kdltor Lisemer started Wednesday for a four or flve days vacation. His pockets were stuffed full of mileage and passes and there is no telling where he will land up. Maybe he has gontin. quest of that $100 he offered a few months ago. Dean & Co. have served a notice on Contractor Clancy that they will hold him responsible for all damages to their business Iresulting from the paving brick being piled in front of their store. Thls is the first formal kick that has been registered. John Spearing, assistant superintendent of the Metropolitan Life Insurance Co., while coming to his office Wednesday had the mlsfortune to fall from his wheel on W. Liberty st. in such a manner as to break his left collar bone. Dr. Wessir.ger reduced the fracture. Williard A. Wheeler, of Co. A, Mich. Vol., has conrmenced suit for divorce against his wife, May Wheeler, eharging that since he entered the United States service she has been guilty of adultery, and names one Kalmback as co-respondent, and states that he has Information and belief that the two have absconded for parts unknown. The High School Alumni association has flled articles of incorporation. The folio wing are the incorpora tors: W. H. Hawks, J. M. Gelstcn, D. W. Springer, Lucy E. Chapin, Chas. W. Wagner, Minnie Boylan Beal, H. B. Gammon, Jay Fox, Sara Wheadon, Gertrude T. Breed, Alice Porter'Carl D. Braun, M. Ella Bennett and Levi D. WInes The marriage of Herman Miller, of the firm of Schumacher & Miller, and Miss Hannah Andress tcok place last evening at the home of the bride's parents, three miles west of this city. Only the immediate relatives of the contracting parties were present. Mi. and Mrs. Miller left last night for a wedding trip to Buffalo and Niágara Falls and will be gone about a week. They will, on their return, reside with Mr. Miller's mother on W. Huron st. The school board feil far short of the mark in their estimates. They asked the voters for $14,000 to be distributed as follows: Bach school, $6,000; Tappan school, $7,270; heating for Fourth "ward school, $1,000; janitors' houses, $1,600. Total, $13,600. The bids on the Baeh school addition was $6,820; the bids on the Tappan school addition was $7,270. Total, $14,090. The school district has pretty good credit, however, and the heating plant will be put in, but the janitors' houses will be dispensed with this year. Speaking of Sylveáter Scovel, the notorious war correspondent, an exchange says: "Theembryo correspondent had a varied college career. Not being fond of study, he was fired from one institution after another. He struck the U. of M. at the same time the style of wearing sashes got there. Scovel came out with one of pink silk a foot wide, and fro-m that time on was a man of distinction at the 'varsity. He finally graduated from the Michigan Military academy. College days havingr ended, he went into the Insurance bi siness. He could talk about everything from the nebular hypothesis to the making of, butter. One day, dressed ín fashionplate spotlessness, he went into a missionary meeting, got down by a pious old maid and gave a talk on South African missionary work that won her heart completely. This ability to jolly made Sylvester Scovel an Insurance cracker-jack, and money rolled into his pockets." The Washtenaw County Tnstilute now numbers 123, which is the largest for any single county in the state. Ex-Superintendent Northmora, of Marquette, is in the city. He is looking for a suitable residenee, and intends remaining here. At the board of public works meeting last evening they recommended the placing of a uniform system of hitching posts on Main st. in the paving district. Rowena L. Chapman has flled a bilí for divorce against her husband, Frank C. Chapman, after 20 years oï married life. She charges him with non-support. Elmer E. Beal, of Ann Arbor, is looking after the business at the Beal shoe store in the absence of Charles Ziefle, who is enjoying a camping out party.- Owosso Argus. H. C. Exinger has moved part of nis goods from N. Main st. to 117 E. Ann tot. during the time his Main st. building is being improved. He will move back abcut Sept. 15. Engine No. 9 on the Ann Arbor road has had new steel eccentrics put on. This is only the third engine en the road thus fltted out. The plan is considered a good one and will be universaliy adopted. - Owosso Argus. Business on the north side is increasing. A new ice cream parlor on Broadway and a feather renovating establishment on Wall st. has been added to the North Side business. Now let us have a park near the boulevard. Major Kirk, of the third battalion, who is at his home in Ypsilanti on slok leave, has been granted a 15 days' extensión of his leave. In case the Thirtyfirst moves to Porto Rico he will íollow on the flrst transport hec an catch. Capt. Daniel B. Hodgsdon, U. S. N., who was in command of the United States revenue cutter McCullough, which was in the fight at Manila, was in the city yesterday and was met by Ralph Phelps here. He was on his way home to Detroit. Geo. Peavey has bought the old building on Broadway, North Side, called the Washtenaw hotel, which was once the largest hotel between Detroit and Chicago. Mr. Peavey will fix the building up for a dwelling house, which will add much to the improvement of the Ncrth Side. Cards are out announcing the wedding of Percy Flower Douglas and Jessie Jones, which occurred Thursday, July 14, at Cleveland, Ohio. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Jones, of Cleveland, the gTOom a former rospected resident of Ann Arbor. Mr. and Mrs. Douglas will be "at home" until Sept. 1 at the Cheney, Toledo Ohio. Clarence R. Foley and Josephine MacLean, both of Ann Arbor, were married at Jackson Saturday, July 23. Mr. Foley is employed by Charles Friedman as coatmaker. They will resude on Woodward ave. - Kalamazoo Telegraph. The groom will be remembered o.s "Dick" Foley, a popular tailor, and the bride was employed in Goodspeed & Co 's store. Professor Herbert Robertson, of Boulder, Col., has been visiting friends in the city for the past three days. Professor Robertson now filis the chair of pathology m the State IJniversity of Colorado. He was in attendance at the University of Michigan for nine years, graduating from both the literary and medical departments, and is one of the brightest young men the U. of M. ever decked with honors. He is a Lenawee county boy and will spend the remainder of vacation with his parents near Adrián. At the board of public works meeting last evening Pres. Smith was absent. Wilhelm Rohde presented a petition to the effect that during the construction of the William st. lateral sewer he Turnished Sharp & Shultz materials for the eonstruction of the same. That on Oct. 21, 1896, Sharp & Shultz gave him an assignment of money due from the city of $187.73, and as there is due saifl contractors the sum of $557.43 from the city he wanted the money. The matter was referred to the city attorney. The boys of the Thirty-first are nol so hopeful that they will be included in the Porto Rican expedition. They are feeling a littlefdumpish just now over their prospects, however. The Fifth Illinois has been brigaded with the Thirtyfirst, and takes the place of the One Hundred and Sixtieth Indiana, which goes to Porto Rico. The Illinois boys were ready to move when the order substituting the Indiana regiment was issued. They feel sore. The Michigan men think that the switch means that they are to be left behind. The Caroline Feathers estáte, of Saline, is as big a picnic for the lawyers as the Mollie Bennett case. Jos. Feathers, the husband, put in a claim of $1,800 and it was allowed at $1,300. The estáte appealed the case to the Supreme court and it was sustained. The estáte put in a stay of judgment and filed a bilí to have Mrs. N. A. Brenner, of Saline subrogated as a creditor of Jos. Feathers. Ed R. Doane had a claim of over $a00 allowed in the Circuit, and an appeal has been taken to the Supreme court. Charles M. Webb, of Lodi filed a claim of $345 in the Probate court and it was disallowed, but on an appeal to the Circuit court it was allowed The estáte has now filed a bilí of exceptions looking to an appeal to the Supreme court on this claim. Randall & Jones are attonreys for the estáte and Arthur Brown and M. J. Lehman are attorneys for the claimants.


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