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Two Assault Suits

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Frank Stivers, as attorney, has cemmenced two big assault and battery suits in the Circuit court. Eden B. Dennis, a man about 60 ycars of age, of Saline, was a tenant on Peter Weinnett's farm. After the ground had been ploughed up for the second season Weinnett iut another man on the place. Dennis and Weinnett had a law suit and Dennis pro ved that his name was not Dennis in. this contest, for he won. In the meantime there was a field of eorn to be disposed of. Dennis claims that each was to have half the corn and each was to do his gathering. Dennis set apart ore half for Weinnett and then proceeded to cut his share. After it had been cut, Weinnett. came on and gathered it up. A dispute aróse and the men came to blows, Dennis claiming that Weinnett was the aggressor. Weinnett swore out a warrant for Dennis on a Saturday and he was brought to this city, but bail was secured for him and he was not locked up. Dennis won this suit also. Mr. Stivers has been trying to get a settlement out of Weinnett but has thus far been unsuccessful, and yesterday started suit for $5,000 for assault and battery, false imprisonment and malicious persecution. The second suit is that of Jos. Green vs. John Coyle. Both parties reside in Webster. Green was in the employ of Coyle. It seems that Coyle has a rule that all doors in his home shall be locked at 9 o'clock at night. A week ago Tuesday Green went to one of the neighbors and claims he returned at 5 minutes to 9 o'clock. When he got back he found the doors locked and went to the barn and slept. About 4 o'clock in the morning Green claims Coyle came out to the barn with a pitchfork in his hand and aroused him, saying at the same time that he had a notion of running the pitchfork into him. "Hit me if you want to, Mr. Coyle," said Green. . Whereupon Green clafms Coyle struck him over the head with; the handle of the fork, cutting an ugly gash in his head. Green further claims that as he was lying bleeding on the barn floor, Coyle said he óidn't want him there, and grabbing him dragged him out of the barn and threw him out of doors. Green brings suit for $1,000 damages.


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