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ONLY FOUR DOLLARS FROM ANN ARBOR TO NIÁGARA FALLS AND RETURN. VIA MICHIGAN CENTRAL, AUGUST 4th 1S98. Tickets will be good going on trains No. 8, leaving at 7 a. m., and special train leaving at 9 p. m., August 4th. Keturning on all regular trains except Nos 5 and 15 leaving Niágara Falls not later than August 9th H. W. HATES. Mann Bros. have removed their drue store to the Pratt Block, Main st., wheri they art in shape to take care of their customers. Fine Coaches and Coupes for Wet dings, Funerals, etc. Both 'pUones 106. HOLMES' LIVERY, 26tf sis e. Liberty st. Wanted- Experienced winders and machine operators. ApplyatHav & Todd's Ann Arbor Mili J. T. Jacobs & 8on will close their store at 6 p. m. during their great cut sale. Saturday nights will remain open until 11 p. m. CO. A, 31 MiGH. YOL. Another News Letter from Special ■ Correspondent F. A. Wagner. Camp Georg-e H. Thomas, Saturday, July 16.- The external condition of affairs hoverlng over the Thirty-first has been essentially quiet during the past week, tut internally the week has been a memorable one. The rifle practice, nooding rains, brilliant -war news and the eternal rumors, or "pipe" stories, as they are now ealled, have contributed both pleasure and wretchedness to the life of the soldier boys. The Third battalion, of which Co. A forms a part, has made two different trips to the rifle range, and their turn for another trial of skill in marksmanship comes off tomorrow. Sunday afternoon at 4:30 the battalion will leave m light marching order-carrying guns, shelter tents and two days' cooked rations- and an interesting time is expected. Thé blankets, insteaa of bemg carried by the men as heretofore, will be taken on an extra wagon. The range is located in the Cumberland foothills at the base of Pigeon mour.tain, and is a beautiful spot in the midst of a picturesque and rugged country. Water is obtained from a spring close by, and there are several shady halting places on the road where water can be obtained. Then, too, the natives along the line, appreciating the fact that the Michigan boys are good meney spenders, attempt at every point to vend their leathery pies and water with two or three lemons swimming in the "bucket," which they cali lemonade. The shelter tents are pitched on an open plat of ground, and most of the boys have secured an ampie supply of hay, straw, corn stalks or leaves for bedding. Under the best of conditions the "pup" tents are only a poor subterfuge for a dwelling place, but in stormy weather they are an utterly inadequate protection against the elements. This fact was forcibly impressed upon the boys of the First battalion, who for two days sought shelter beneath them during a driving rain and wind storm. One of the boys of this battalion told me that the tents were repeatedly blown down and their inmates we.-e soaked. The bedraggled appearance of the men upon their return bore out his last statement. So far we have not been caught in any serious rain storms while away from camp, and although rain poured down as it never does in Michigan, Co. A boys were but little inconvenienced. At the rifle range the boys are getting the kind of practice they need. For some the first fright on flring a heavy gun, with a "kick" like the proverbial army musket, is wearing away; others who were acustomed to the use of a gun are making fine records for themselvea in marksmanship. Sergeant Petrie and Privates Clemans and Crawford are among those who have ene exceptionally good shooting. All the boys enjoy the target practice, and are always willing to go, notwithstanding the hardships it may entail. Pigeon mountain Is in the midst of one of the most famous moonshiners' districts in the United States, and some of the soldier boys have been trying to gain the confidence of these shy, keeneyed little mountaineers to the end that they may be permitted to visit one of their "stills." These generally are located in the deep recesses of a mountain glen at the head of seme "branch" or stream where water can easily be obtained. All representations thus far however have proved of no avail. They guard their secrets with jealous care. and only the locations of the "stumps" or places where the "moorshine" is sold, are disclosed. Captain Granger has been detailed by Brigadier-General Poland to sit on a General Court Martial, and entered upon his duties in this new capacity on Friday. The court is held for the purpose of trying all civil Tnisdemeanors and violations ofthe Articles of War. Porto Rico is still the watchword, and, indeed, the chances of our going are better today than ever before, for the reason that President McKinley seems anxious to gain a foothold in that Island before Spain seriously sues for peace. Belts and scabbardo for the bayonets are issued today; we have also been issued another lot of blue shirts. This equips the command, with the exception of a full line of summer suits. JMany of the officers including those of Co. A. have invested in light brown summer suits. Passes to Chattanooga are now limited to two per day, and these are only issued for cogent reasons. The general health of the Michigan boys continúes good. A few cases of typhoid fever have appeared in camp Thomas, but none have reaehed the Second División, according to official reports, except the untimely death of Captain John M. Guttman, of Co. M - Monroe who passed away in Chattanooga, last week, while on is way home FRANK A. WAGNER. TOU HAVE BEEN WAITTNG FOR THIS. SPECTAL 10 DAT EXCURSIÓN TO FRANKFORT. BENZONIA AND TRAVERSE CITY. Thursday July 28th. the Ann Arbor Railroda will sell excursión tickets to Frankfort, Benznola and Traverse City limited for return to Saturday, August 6th. Fast special train will leave Ann Arbor at 12:23 p. m., arriving Benzonia 8:00 p. m., Frankfort 8:20 p. in Traverse City 8:30 p. m. Tickets will be sold for regular train leaving Ann Arbor at 8:43 a. m„ arriving Benzonia 5:42 p. m.. Frankfort 6:00 p. m.. Traverse City 6:35 p. m. Faro for the round trip only $4.00. Children under 12 years of age one-half this rate. 63 I HAIR BALSAM mKZ} M Cittoici and beantifiei the h&fe gBProraotef ft Iaxuriant growth. BMwIoeII; .H U over Paila to Restore Grap WM&MM=M Hair t "a Youthful Color. llc3TPlïir-MB Cures ecalp diseaees & hair falluiz.


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