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Real Estate Transfers

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John Scheel to Jolm Behaal, Jr. Ten acres in Lrxii. Consideration $600. Cynthia Martin to Henry B. Martin. Anti Arbor city property for f400. The Carriage Seat Mafinfactuiiag Co., of Ypsilanti to Ypsilanti CirriageCompinv- Parculs of land in Ypsiiauti for I7&00. Heury L, Hubbol to Elisha Jones. - Ann Arbor city property. Cousideration 15000. Jobn Grampr to John Schiller. 40 acres in Ereedom. Consideration $600. Augusta E. Dorr to Aluia E. Ddrf. - ö acres in Sharon. Consideration $200. John Waterman to J. B. Waterman. Aun Acbor city property, Consideration f 400. Daniel Pomroy to Jno. B. Waterman. 80 acres in Halem. Cousideraliou $2000. J. Gottlieb Hornung to Andrew Eisele. 10 acres in Freedoui. Consideiaüon Í700. Juno 15. Yost to Charles Wheeler.- Ypsilantí city property. Consideration 11300. Addison Fletcher to John Wilson. 0 acres ni Augusta. Considoration $1200. Lorenzo D. Perkinsto Albert Perkins. 95 acres in Salem. Consideration $4000. John Cftllahan to Lorenzo D. Perkins. Salem vil lage lot for $300. Heory J."Miller to Willard Parker.- Balein village lot. Cousideratiou $10,000. F. C. and F. Husou to WilUam Wagnor. Aan Arbor city property for $1075. Lorenzo Sawyer to Frank l'urner. - 12 1-2 acres iu Rylvaa for $400. QU1T-CLAIM. Abraham Laing by beirs to John Laing. 80 acres iu Salino. Contjideration .tr:8i.