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What To Do When You Are In Trouble

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Don't try to quench your sorrow in rum or narcotics. lf you begin this, jou must keep right on with it till it eadsyou to ruin: or, if you pause, you mist add phyaicaJ puin ahd the consciousness of degradation tothe sorrow you seek to escape. Oí' all wretched men, liis condition is the most pitiful, who, ha ving sought to drown liis griet' in drink, awakes trom liis debauch with self shattered nerves, aching head md depressed mimi, to f ace tbe same doublé ngain. That wliich was at lirst paini'ul to contémplate will, after drink, seem unbearable. Ten to une, tbe fatal drink wiübe again andagain sought, till ifs victim sinks, i hopeless pitiful wreek. Wmk is your true remods. If misfortune liiis you hard. hit you something clse hard. Pitch into something with a wiil. There's noUihig like good, solid, absorbiug,exhausting wort to (mui' trouble. If you have met with losses, you don't want to lie awake, thinking aboutthem. You want sweet, ealm, sound sleep, and to eat your dinner witli appetite. J5ut you ean't unless you work. lf you say you don't feel like work, and go a loafing all day, to teil to Toni, Diok and Ilarry the story of your woes, you'll He awake, and keep your wife awake by your tossings, sjxiil lier temper and your own breakfast the next morning, and begin to-morrow i'eeling ten times worse t han you do to-day. Tliere are soine troubles that only linie heals, and perhaps soine that can never be bealed ataÜ;butall can be helped by the great panacea- work. Try it, you who are afflicted. It is not a patent medicine. It has proved its ellicacy since flrst Adam and Eve left behind them, with weeping, their beautiful Eden. It is an official edy. All good physicians, in regular standing prescribe it in cases of mental and moral disease. It operates kindly and well, leaving no disagreable sequelce; and we assure you tliat we Eïave taken a large quantity of it. with the most beneflcial effects. It will cure more complaints than any nostrum iu tlie materia medica, and comes nearer to being a "cure-all" than any drug or compound of drugs in themarket. And it will not Bicken you lf


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