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The following is the letter of the Hon. John QuLncy Adune t the chaiiman of the Maasachusotta State Democratie committee accepting the nomination for Governor : Deak Sik: Your letter announcing my nomination by the convention of the Massaclmsetts Democracy, for the office of Governor oí the Coimnonwealth, reached me this day. I am sensible of the compliment and recognize the duty assígned me by tlie convention. It" sfcms to me tuin vicc which ander existing clrcumstances 1 dojnnt teel at liberty decline, and l'iu'ccpt the nomination in the spirit Ln wliich it, was made. And while I recognize the embarrassBient which we suffer at present from the falling away of a large number of our former associates, to foll ow after a man who luis been for liftecn or twe.nty years tlie most invetérate enemy of the Democratie party, and who is at this moment plotting its dismemberment and utter overthrow, yet I think we may venture to hope that their delasion will Ve brief. Already tbey must be begimiirjg to see that if tliey do 7iot speedily cetrace their steps, they will Qnd themselves dellvered into the hands of a greater genera! than even the celebrated hero whom they delight to honor. Very soon we mav expeel tbem Btruggling back, weary, way-worn and hungry, filled, like the prodiga! of the parable, only with husks and east wind. Meanwhile, the eonvention bas selected me to represent the ancient principies of Democratie f ai tb, and to hold up a standard aronnd which may rally all men who wisli to protest, at one and the same time, against personal politics on the one hand, and fanatical legislation on the other. Personal politics or the subordination of all principio lo rnemere aggrandisement of an individual, hon .„uiom liad a more perfect specimen than Benjamin F. Butler, while it vrould be hard tq Qnd a more chanicteristie sample of fanatical legislation than the Civil Damage Act of the last Legislature. No person who votes for John l. Long can avoid by that act indorsing that law. Heisits candidate, and on that precise issue was preferred by his party to Ilenry L. Pierce. The candidates of the Democratie party alone represent tb is doublé protest, and offer the opportunity to Kamp with a brand of Cömmon condemnation the two most ofEensivepositical evils which just now alllict tlie Commonwealtb.


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