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The White-throated Sparrow

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This little songster frequente the forests of central and northern Michigan every sunimer, where it attraets attention by its peculiarily sweet and plaintive cali. Uut little seems to be known by tlie settlers there abont the bird or its habita, and during a trip last year we were unable to Bnd a single person who could teil us its name, though we Lnquired most diligently. In the last number of the Poultry Bitl!, Hu we flnd this reference to it: Of tln Hoeks ol' white-throiited sparrowfl t.hat passed over our place, only one Bolitary bird remained all winter, andhe frequently carne to the door lor crumbs. Our little pets arrive from more northern latitudes as soon as the leaves begin tofall, and although rather large lor a sparrow, being seven incheslong, they are tic) very eaaily discerned, as they haveagreat habit ofcreepkig aboutnear theground ander Imslies on fences, but ii' not so wellknown by Bight, manj people know them by their plaintive song, which is kept up incessantly in a clear, highpitehed wliistling tone, in strong contrast to other binls" notes. BOmewbat resembling the song of the meadowlark, but quicker and higher pitched and is niucli more familiarly recognized than the bird itself. 'L'licy breed abtindantly in Uie White Mountains, and are known there as "l'eabody" birdB, where tlioir songs are so constantly uttered, as tobe considerad by some ïuoiiotoiious. Although said .to bo u retired bird. the one which remained near our Iiouse laat winter was so tame as to come for Lts erumbs when-ita feeder called it, and beoome very tam As its name suggests, our little pet wears a white bib with a edge, a white stripe separates lvo black ones over his mnvn; from the upper part ofthebill ovcv tlic eyeiaalight line that s yellow near the eye; bacfcward from the eye is a broad black line, belly wblteish, back reddisb, with dark brown stripes, and two light narrow bands acrosfl the wings. This little iiorthern bird doos not follow up the edge of eold weatliev, as most hoi thern Dirda do,.but lingera late into spring before taking bis linal departure.


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