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Blaine And Sherman

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Althongh it in easy to forecast tho uomination of Gen. Grimt, two disünIfuiKhcd polilicans, Bluinp nnd Nhermaii, tue liis livals for the candi Juey. Blaine tuint' near winning the prize at Cincinnti 111 !S7ü, and, froni that dny of de iVrt lm ]ihs not relaxed his ambilion to nwjuro tl.o coyeted distinction. Slier iMHii, tlio financier of tbis administration l'iiilds liia hopea largely upen reiiniilion, nssnining to bimself the credit ii) the main of 6nccessfully acconiplisliin% tliat long-coming but welcome period in the history of our finances. In the ruco for the white houso Blaine deponds upon liis long servies in Conreas, lus labors upou the stunip und tho iutiy:iK'tic qualitiea of a suecessful poliktcian whieh he possesses to a raro dogrti-v. Besides resumption the base of f-iherman's expectutions, he liolds the key to a largo amouut of federal patronage, whieh he ia quietly making effective in the southern states, from none of whieh does he expect an electoral vote; etill, their strength in a nomiiiatiiig con veu tion is of importance. In the matter of patronage Sherman it must be observed has a great start of his rival. In the opening of this campaign there ppeared upon the surface beautiful hannuiiy between Blaine and Sherman in fact it looked as if they had pooled tluir issms agaiost Grant. The old ring down in Maine, broken last yeur, was dt'Stined tu have nuother hard and closely contested ruce ; it w etnf-ecriiig nndwr the hio uf iSoIon Chase and " tUein steers" ; there was disaffection all 'round Maine'a sky. To help Blaine out Sherman stretched iorth his bony hands to encourage hiiu irnagining the eyes of Maine were upon him, and that his little boom might receive an Ímpetus away down in Jlüiiic; indeed it is in the range of possibilities her delégales inight be found voting in the natiunal oouvention for Sherman. It soon began to be whispered about that Sherman did no good in Maine ; that his effüris were directed with too iriuch study to finalice, ignoring the bloody shirt, BlaineV most powerful weapon, and it would be well for hiin to tr.ove on; and lie moved, deteriuined to return the compliment when Blaine should come to Obio. Says the ÍK T. Sun : When Blaino ariived in the doruain of (lip Sbernmns lie was sent to obscii'i' country towns, wbere he was expected to expedid lus eloqiii-nce upon small au dienct'3. But the popniace ponred out for tvventy miles around evcry mpptiiig place. The woods were full of BUine men; the country ruads were eboked with wagons bringing shouting multitudes; tho bands played and the banners waved wherever he went. Af Cnn ton, twenty thousand pooplesurged and shouted around Bluine of Maine, and their banners bore various dovicps, such as " Weloome to our next Presidnnt;' "Por President, Jumes G. Blaine;" "Ohio 8olid for Blaino of Maioe ! " SheruiHii's blceleton legs rattíed in his boots whpn the wires tol.i the tale. Something must be done or Ohio would be lost. Tbey sent Blaine into n. district where there was a inutiny, and it was suppoaed there would be no large meetings. But the mutineers took cbargt: ui tnéuaslrlng Btrnngar, mavtirp the regular connnittee aghast, and tli. n the regulan, with the rest of th poprlatioti, trndged away huif a müe in the country to beg the favor of a little speech. Thenee Lo waa turned loóse ti Ewing's district to be buffeted. and here he took a eignal reengf. "Vote," he cried, "for the uien who fought for you!" pretending that it was a slip of the tc,ngue. Thig meant Ewing and Rice, of course, and the Demoerats Bhouted themselves hoarse, and vowed that Blaine was the best 8turuper they had in the field. But Blame reacbed the height of liis audacity when he touched Lancaster the home of the Ewings. A great crowd had gutbered to hear him, and the railway company lind agreed to stop the train twen t y miuutes tor a speech. But Mr. Bluine did nut spe ik. He elbowed his way throngh tlu; tbrong to a carmine, in which s;il Mr Ewing, his relative and a very agreeable woman, with whom he whiled awuy the precious mo rnents allotted by the State Cummittee for him to discourse to the Republicana of Lancaster. Cíneinnati, Springfield, Cleveland, Dayion, begged for Blaine. But the State Coumiittee said No ; Blaine's speeches would not do for Ohio. And iiiüdiy, bis engagement wero cancellt-d, and be was shuoted out of the state by the Dearest ontlet. It is now reasonably certain that Sherraan will get no delegatea from Maine; hut in the fr off settleinents of Oliio, where the machine is least feit, and in the rich valleys of the Scioto and the Miiskingum, tbere is a sullen determinatüin that BKiine of Maine shall iiHve a few dtlegates froni the Buckeye btate. The advent of Thurman upon the national stage of politics retired bluff old Bon. Wade, who died as raany other MBbitiou8 men before him, witl out grasping the Presidential ThurlUíin's time to retire willeoiaeiu Maich, 1881, and Garfield, Matbews, Taft and Fostt r are each on the scent for the senat rial succession. Thurman, president pro tem of the Knate, entercd that body when only twelve Duiuncrata wero members, md remained there to see a Bnmocratic loftjorfty of ten. For Beveral years lie resisted the " Oliio lilea," but fearing bis constitueney were swinging away froni him, gave in bis adhesión A leader of graat ability, brilliant in debate, strong upon tue stump, and a thorough gentleman be, along with the rag-baby, have been relegated by a niajority of the votéis of Ohio to political graves. Among tho best evidencesof improvemeut in business circles is a reduced nuuiber of failures with less Iinbilities, for the nine montbs of 1879, eompsred with a correspondiug ptriod of 1878 The number of faihires in tho first nine monthw of 1878 were 8,(378, with llabilitie3 of $197,511,129. For the eorrespouding period tliis year the fignrea were respectiveiy 5,320 and 181,094,940, showing a deerease of threo-eiyhts in number and of one-balf in ainount. Por the third quarter of 1878 the failures were 2,853 and the aruount !fi3;.378,363 ; while the correspondió period just passed shows but 1,202 faifures, with. liabiütios of only $1 5-,275,S60, reduction in the nm" of bsiikrapti of morH than huif. uM miuit of


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