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- Professor Wal ter is uuw pursu;ng hi studies in Pu ris. - The Humee .puthic department has & student trom Iotthuid. - Professor U O iffe will issue amw editiop of his De Corona. A ladies' leceptiüii room is being ddei to the dental buiLdcHg. Toirty-five sludents are studying pedagogies under Professor Payne. -The Board of Ref;eiits hve discontinued the school oí tnining eiigineeriug. --Tlie .degiee of B. L. was oouierrrd ujion Wiu. Dow Wushburu, last Xuesday. The gymnasium association liold meeting tc-uiorrow for thu electiou ot office ra. M. C. Millar will be Palladium, editor for the Sigma Chi iraternity ot th lw depiirtment. TbeSuphumoreolass htivedeciiled to cut looae f rom precedantí aud will nol publish an Oracle. The departnieni of nifilicinw and surgery claim the largest increase of ■ udcuta tbis ye ir. - Jiulge Cooley's pbice was filled Monday hy Judge Campbell, owing to the foruii i 8 illnesa, Two of the Ünivêrsity f ot. li;i' team wil! have a match game a.! thi fair grounds to-monow. The librarían has purchis-ii tfie ni. summpr and f all books re prf senlm y: over two huudred mvthors. - C. H Campbe1! is atte:id'm a convention of the Delta Kappa Epsilon, at Hanover, N. H., this week. - Tue Sopïio nore olass. ut. their last meeting, passed a renolutii n to prnüibit the Freshmen f rom carryiug eaues until April lst. - Professor Wells of the law department will not lecture this year to the great sorrow of tha Senior cluss, by whom ha was held in the higuest esteem. - The Junior Mñíieal Lyceum have elected the following officers for the enKning year : President, Mr. Heith : Vice P esident, Miss Johnson ; Secretary. Mis Buldwin ; Treasurer, Mr. Long. - James Kay Appleliee, who was so univetstlly appreciated here last wintei, will open the studente' lecture course at Uuiveaity Hi 11, Uiig oveninr, with a leeture on "Thomas Hooi, Poet and Puuster." The following: gentlemen are now chogeu for the football team to po to Detroit to play the Toronto team Nov. lst : Allen, Mitehell, Gren, Hannan. Bued, Johnson, D-Puy, Barmour, Ed warda, Chase, Dfitrr. - The pri)speets are good for a lare crowd to the match game of foot ball ut Drtroit to-morrow wenk. Reduced rate have bejn secured over the railruarls, and the Michigan Exohange li t 1 havi niade larjf rediictions trom regula] rates, and every thinu poetible is beian done tu ui ik ■ the trip inexpeusiva and plcHS'tnt - The Soph'uxire class have eltc'ed the tiilmwinir officers : President, Suui n i Collins, M cin ; Vien Presiden t, Miss Hills, Lakeview, III.; Secretary, W. E. Fi-nwick, Detroit; Treasurer, F W Durenport, Eureka, III.; Orator, J. H N uton, Huwich, Miss; P e , EftiiGiiffili, Git-nville; Historian, T. W. Sargeint, Piketown, Ohio ; S er, D Kndall, T.'rre Htue, Ind.; M.rshal. M P. Frenoh, Milwaukee, Wis.; Toas' Master. C. H. H-es, D troit. - On Tliursdajlening of lust werk throe univeisity boys were teturiiirm from Ypsilanti on a f'eight train. Ait did not stop hf-re th -y t ied to juuip oLf and in doiug so Frank C. Holniea ui Waterbury. C nu., feil under the cms the wheels pissing over his left leu juut below the knce. Hfi also receivid scvt; e wounds about the head. w:i8 taken to the hospital and the leg promptly amputated, hut it is f.'ari-d ih heai wound3 will provi' serious His paren'" were telegraiiheil for au.l his fatlier inow in the city Mr H)mes was h niember of the junior lavv cl ass anl Vwrj mtich likt'd liy th is" who kucw Irin. - The Students' L'utnre A-s cia'i'u elected the folio wing ofiöoera fur tha en suing year: President- J. H Biillook Vice-Preeilent- C. W Sessions. S -wvtary - W. K Jones. Treasurer- J-lii. Ayro. Ass't Trnauurer- O F. Huut. Comm tteemen - L t rary department - V. J Gurney, C. A. Tovne, J H .Gran'. C. C. W.iusley, C. N. Siuifb, KiteE. Coman ; Liw deparrinent--O. K W.iod W. E. Eaqwey, E W. Mirtin, F. T Huntress; Medina! departmnt - John Chage, L. C. Bennett ; HomoBApathic departmniit- W A. Frost ; Pharmacy - A. W. Banks; Dental Suhool- A. W. Huyt ; High Bchool - C. Ctm, "W. White.


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