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Bach & Abel buy and sell strictly for Estáte of Benjamin C. House. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, CÜÜNTY O ul -s ti-ilil.-tliiw. ss At u SPSSlOP uf Ih I'riiMii1 Court for tbe Countj oi VVashtenaw, holden at he Probate Office lo tbe city of Aun Arbor, on rridny,tbe h venteeuth day oí October io tbeyar iue thuuaand Bigbl huudred and seveiaty-nine. Present, Wniiam l. Har riman, Judge of Probate. ín thr muiter of the estáte of lienjatuln C House, Alien Crittoii'lt'n, Rdminist nitor of sald estáte mu uto court and representa iliat he te puw trtpa ■ (1 to reoder bia fiual accoimt us iucb alniins (Hor. Tjtert iqwn ii iaordered, that Tuesday, the ciihte utii dny ot' Novemb r uext, at ten o'eloek ín (he orenuon, be nssigned fin (íXürainit-g and ttllüwin metí acwjunt, íiiul thut tbe heirs it Ihw ut s mi deoen&ed, and ali other praona Interested in r.- estáte, are rr-quiiT] n appear ti . shssíod oi htiid court , t lien lo tur holdi n nt tlif-' Probiite OÜice, ni tbe city ot Aun Avhor, i said, eoiünty, un) ahuw eatiHe, it aoy there he, why tbe sa id iiccount shoiiM not rtllnwed. And it i itrt her ordwed, Uiat awd adminietrator vive lotice toihe j)e boiih intert-eted in euid estáte, o] tbe pendeney of snid uccount und tbe hearing tnereol bycausinffa oopy i tlu-oidcr to he publisbed ni thü Ann Akbuu Auoub. a. newappei printed und circulatios i s;ud i ounty, thrce bucCfswve weeks previouü to s id day of heaiing. WLLLIA.M 1). HARR1MAN, (A trneenpy.) Fudge ol Piübute. Vm 'i. ' oty. Probate Register. Estáte of William Joliu Kulm. Sl'A i K OF AUCHKiAN, COUNTY ■ i u ii.nv ss, Sutice la bereby si veo that by'anorder oí the Probate Courl tor the County of Washtenaw. mude on the twtntieth dny m Ootobcr, .V. l. l Tí' -i-i m .111 hs frotn ' ■ allowed lur crédito to present their claims against toe estáte ol WtlUwn .luim Kuhn, late of said county,deoeased, aud that ;ill ureditoñ of saic] deoeased are requtred to pregem their claims to said Probate Court, al Probate Office n the city of Ann Arbor, for ezamlnatioo and allnwance.on or before tuf tl iluy l A)n] iiüxt, Kuil ii(.u . ielalmn wijl beheard before said Court, ou Tutsdny, tin iwinii.ili da; uffanuary, and on Tues ay. the tw titi tl' ü;ty ut April nxt, at ten o'cjook ín the i'ort:no(Hi of euefa ot suid days. Uatud, Ann Arbor, O toh V 3ft A. D. 1S79. WILLIAM D.HAKRIMAN, ' -13n 1 Judfto of Probate.


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