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Death Of Peter Tuite Of Dexter

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Peter Tuite, one of the most prominent and well known citizens in the couuty, died at his home in Dexter on Tuesday, the 21st inst, He sat down a" his breakfast table in fino spiriff , drank a cup of coffée and passed his cup to his wife for another; she had no sooner taken it fioiu his hand than ho sank back in hi8 (hair and diud, without word or a groan. fllr. Tuite was born in the the parish of Old Custle in the couuty of Meuth in central Irelaud, in the year 1827. He cünnuHticed his education in a irivate school iu OM Ca.tle Villai unl c inipleted it in tho Roman Catholic Seininary of Naran in bis nativo oount. This school is quite celebrated in ttiat part of Ireland, it being tho euccassor and looated upon the site of (in old monastery of the 13 tb century. Mr. ïuite was intended by hia parents and f'riends for the priestl o d but tarity choae other pursuits in life, 1thongh he retnained to the close of bis ditys a devoted and consistent tneinnT of the great cburch in which his fath ers have worshipped for uiany generation3. In 1848, when twenty-one yeais of age, Mr. Tuite caine to this country and located in Dexter whero ho remaiued until 1852, when he went to California. Ho reruained upon the Pai'ic Coast seven j-ears - four years of :he time he spent as clerk in a postolKce on Vancouvur's Island, being drawn ;here by the Prazer river gold excitenent in 1855. Oa his return from the ?acifi': Coast he atrain located i: D I M1-. Tuite was an active and inflaeninl tueuiber of the Democratie party. .n 18G4 he was elected upon the criiti-j ticket as Register of D:eds, 1 e an again in 1860 bot was defeated by Clinton Spencer of Ypsilanti. In 1874 ie was elected (üounty Clerk and reelected in 1876. In 1878 he ran a third ime for the same position and was deeated by the present incumbent. He lad been elected justice of the peace in Si;io on several occasions, and held the iflico at the time of his death, and was also chairuiau of the present Democratc County Committee. Mr. Tuite was kservedly popular as a public officer. lo wiis thoroughly competent and effi ent in whatever position he occupied", and afttble and courteous to all. In 1859 he married Kate Condón of his city. They have had two children, both boys. Willie tho oldestis well and avorably known to many persons in the ouiity, he having been Deputy County Clcrk uniler h s f;ither. Wberever Mr. 'uite male acquaintances he made riends. He was a courteous, upright, )ure and honorable gentleman. Gen roiis to his frfeads, and not vindictive oward his enemies of wbora he had BC r two in the coun'y. He was a aluable citizeu, and will be greatly lissed Ly liis churoh, his neighbora. his ai-ty, sin.l pspecially by the stricken ïousehiild wbcre as a kind and dcvoted unband and fatber he was tenderly oved.