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Mr . H. G. Ivea of Chesaning, assistant county Rurveyor, was found murdcred un the town line road between Taymouth and Albeo townships, Saginaw coanty, Tnesday eveuiug. The deeuad was abuut 15 years oí age, and leaves a wife and daughter. He was shot through the head and bore othor raarks of funl play. Wcilnesday evening a farmer named Alian liauman, a resident of Albee township, was arrested on suspicion of being the murderer. The railroad depot at Negaunee and several othcr buildings wcre destroyed by fire last Friday. Loss about f 10,000. Josiab Barkley, oL Fraukhn, Oakland county, died 8uuday afternoon, aged H7 years. Mr. Barkley is the vcry last of all of the carly pioneers who settled in that región, having moved from yontgomery, Orange county, N. Y., in 1825, making him a resident of the township 52 years. Wednesday mght the residence of D. T. Talbot, Assyria township Barry county, was broken in by three inasked burglars, l'wo kept Talbot quiet by holding a pistol to his head, while the tbird ransacked the house, Ouc hundred and two dollars were stolen, and notes worth $503. The robbers esoaped with the booty. The supervisors of Van Buren county have appropriated $2,000 to be used toward defraying the expenses of detecting the murderers of Henry Morris and wife of Uecatur township. H Kar, of Coldwater, a groceryman and ono of the largest fruit and poultry dealers in Michigan, made an as.signment to L. W. Lee Thursday morning. Largo loases on apples purchased this fall wero undoubtedly the auso. The Baptist State convention opened at the Biptist chiirch at Kalamazoo Friday evening. A large number of delegates and visitors had arrived. The Ilev. J. S. Boyden preached the opening sermón. Orvill Calvert, a Schoolcraft lad of 14, met with fatal accident Tnesday. While riding on a load of apples he feil off and one wheel piissed over him.infiicting injuries fromwhich he died in a few hours. Friday morningat about 2 o'clock tire broke out in the Wayne county wood-bending works at Flat Hoek, owned by J. A. B. Wolven , and the estaoliBhment was destroyed. Loss on stook and buildings, about $6,000, with no insu ranee. Albert Oheever, another victim ot the Adrián disaster died of his injuries Fnday evening. lteal estáte is improving and numerous large sales are reported. Clancy and Mclntyre of Ureeoville have sold to Hobinson, Setellies & Co , of Grand ltapids about 1,100 acres of pine lands in Home township, Montcalm county, for $37,000. Whitney & ötinchfield of Oreenville have recently purchased the Austin tract consisting of 1,400 acres of pine land in Belvidere and 800 acres in Milbrook, for $30,000. They have also purchased the Bootb IhihU, 760 acres, lying in Home and Hichland townships, fur $23,560. The iuqnoüt at Kast Saginaw over the body of Heber v i. lvcs, the snrveyor found shot and with the skull broken some days ago, was concluded on tíaturday. The jury brought in a verdict that they bclieved deceased carne to hi dcatli through violeuce at the hands of Alvan Barnuin, a ueighbor against whom Ives had given informntlon for trespassing upon linitoin lands. Bjrnu i will be held for trial. Timothy I Tanner, Eaq., a citizen of Grand Rápida for the past 36 years died Saturday. He early enguged in manufacture, having a s team mili j nst utside the city, and af terward becarac a larüe property-owner, thongh latterly he lived in moderate circumstances. He celebrated his golden wedding a few years since, and his wife survivcs him. Albert J. Lovejoy of Litchrield, has raised 5,000 bushels of onionB this season. A doublé murder was committed in the town of Hadley, Lapeer county, öaturday eveniug, of unusual atrocity. James M. Fitch, a druuken cowardly rnfSan, shot his wif# and little 3-years-old daughter, killing both. The mother was shot dead on the spot, and the child lingered till Sunday af ternooa. He had not been living with his family for some months, and the aeed was done at the house of Mr. S. P. Marston, whcre his wife was at work The murderer fled to the woods and up to Monday evening had not been arres ted. A session of the State Christian Association will be held at Flint Ootober 28 to 30. Grand Hapids has a cookery club insuccessful operation. Among its members are some of the first young ladics ia the city. The Board of State Auditors has advertised for bids for stationery for the state for the year.s 188o and 1881. The bids will be received n November, The total loss and damage from the hre at Big HapidB Sunday morning aggregate about thirty thousand dollars, and the insurance amounts to about twenty-four thousand dollar. On Prairie Ronde, Kalamazoo connty, the farmera are still seeding to wheat. Daring the fruit season just closed Saugatuck shipped 145,420 baskets and -2,173 crates oí peaches through two tirms. The shipments through the Saugatuck warehouse and from the pier-i are not yet returned. Two men named Farker and Copeland were out hunting Snnday in the Town of Vanee, Geneeee county. l'arker was carrying a shot-gun over bis ehoulder. The gun in some way Was accidentaily discharged, and both charges took effect in Copeland, one in the neck, the other in the brain. Col. O. F. Lochhead waived examiiiittion Tnesday afternoon before Comraissioncr Lovrland and Assistant Distriat Attorney Fiuney at Flint. His trial is set down f jr the first Tuesday in November in the district court in Detroit. His bail was fixed at three thousand dollars. Geo. W. Hubbard, W. J. Bennett and T. W. Drenen are his Bureties. The Roficommon Pioneer reporta moro oil wcll diacoveries in that county. Quincy fruiters propose to send out tlns year twenty-five thousand barrels of applen and four thousand barrels of eider. The body of ïïm. McLaughlin, who was drowned in Ludington harbbr a week ago, has been found. The Board of Regenta held a meeting at the Univeraity Tuesday, at which the President submitted his annual report. It is quite long and shows the institution to be in a state of prosperity. Regent Grant introduced a resolution, reeiting the troublea of the Board with Prof. P B. Rose and proposing his removal for embez zie ment. The resolution was discusaed at length but not adopted. Regent Grant wat requested by resolution to present his charges againat Prof. Rose iu due foriu. THE JACKSON DISASTER. The coroner's jury in the railroad disaster concluded taking testiraony Tueeday evening and met for consultation Wednerday morning. They were in session all day until 4 o'clock, when they went down to the scène of the collision to inspect the location of the tracks, After their return they held an evening session, but reached do couclusion. The coroner's jury reached a verdict at a late hour Friday evening. They find that at ihi instant of colusión the Pacilic expresa train had a clear right to the track and was running at the usual rate of speed of that train under similar circumstances. That under the rules of the railroad company the switch train had no right tu be upon the track at the time, and that it was placed there by the order of Evander T. Colwell, the yardraaater, who was criminally negligent of his duty in so ordering br switch train upon the main track at a time when the Pacific expresa was liable to arrive within 10 minutes, and that he was deceived as to time it was nis own miscalculation. That Joseph fáawyer, switchman in charge of the engine, knowing that Colwell had made mistaket on previons occaBions, is censurable for permitting his engine to go upon the main track in the f ce of admitted danger without decided protest. That Ilobt. U. Jones, engineer of the switch engine, is censurable for moving his engine upon the main track when he knew, by esamination of his own watch, that he could not do so without violating the rules and orders of the company. The jury also suggeated the propriety of providing additional safeguards and danger iguala, and the necessity of establishing such sitinals at a point furtber eastward than those now in use, especially in view of the high rate of speed invited and required by the company in passing stations at whioh no stop is made. Detroit in Brief. The river crossing commission heard Mr. G. W. Bisnell in favor of the vessel interest on Wednesday and Mr. James F. Joy in behalf of the railroads. Prof. Alexander Winchell of the University lectured bef ore the Detroit Scientiíic Aasociation Wednesday evening on "Man in theLight of Geology." The eafetern association of Congregational ministers was in session Wednesday at the First Congregrtional Church and had before them the case of the Kev. Wells H. Utley, late pastor of the cburch at Pontiac. By a unaniraouB vote Mr. Utley was expelled from the association and all ecciesiaatical fellowship withdiawn from him. The trial of Minnie Porter on a chaige of murdering a hackman named Michael McKinley, was concluded in the Kecorder s Court Thursday. The jury rendered a verdict of not guilty, and the prisoner was discharged. The office furniture, boojcs, papers, etc, of the Canada Kutherri passenger department were secureiy packed, and with all the members of the clerical forcé left by special train for Buffalo at 11 o'clock Thursday night. Passenger Agent önow left for Buffalo on Monday. The city Democratie nomixiating couvention met Saturday and put in uominatton the following ticket: Mayor - George O. Langdon. Clerk - Loma Dillman. Treafiurer - John Monaghan. Attorney - John C. Donolly. Justices of the Peace - Peter Guenther, E. V. Cicott aud John Patton. The bridge cummisaion adjourned Saturdny to racet at the cali f the nnioz offioer. the time not being defininitely decided upon, but the dates spoken of being November 14 and November 18. Most of the members of the commisflion left for their respective posts Öaturdav evenine. The Wayne Circuit Uourt makes citizens of the United States at the rate of two or three per day. The trial f Mrs. Cnrtis for the murder of Klla Lasoder commenced in the Kecorder's Court Tucsday rnoruing. The prosecution have torty witneases. The new Democratie city committee organized for the campaign on Monday evening by the election of W. W. Wheaton as chairman, George F. Robison as secretary and J . B. Lauder as treasurer. The commission to lócate the proposed State asylum for the blind met in Detroit Tuesday. lnvitations were received frorn Niles, Adrián, Decatur, Vassar, Qrand Uapids and other points. The commission have received invitations to visit all these places, and within a short timo will probably do so. It is underBtood that a locationwill be hxed upon within 3D days. M1SCELLANEOUS. The coal minerR of the Belleville, 111., district held a meeting at East St. Louis Wednesday afternoon and p&ve their affairs free discussion, They claim that some of the mine owners bav) violated the agreprnent entered into last May, under which miners were to tïig coal one ycar at 2}-. cents per bushei, aud this in connection with the present condition of the market and business generally, iustify them in denianding 3 cents per bushei for digging. The miners finally conclnded not only to demand 3 cents for digging, but a check-weight man to see that the weiühing was properly done in loaded carB . On receiving this information the operators held a meeting, and il ecided that they could not accede to the demand, whereupon the miners informally announced that they would strike. The funeral services of Dr. Lemoyne took place at his family residence at Washington, Pa„ on Thursday. The body was f ollowed by the famUy and f riends in carriages to the crematory, when the friends were dismissed after a benediction and quietly dispersed, The remains were placed in the f urnace at 10:30. The ashes were taken out Friday evening. The eteamship Hervía brought $411,400 in coin. The trial ot the Pennsylvania legislaturebribery case has been postponed until November. The estimates of the amounts that will be required for all branches of tLe postal service daring the next fiscal year have been completed. They aggregate 830,920,000, againat which it is estimated the postal revenues will amount tu $32,210,000, leaving a deficit of $7,710,000 to be met by congressional appropriations. The appropriations for the current fiscal year are estimated at $5,457,376. The great international boat race at Chautauqua Ljake on Thursday betweeu Uanlan and Courtney for the $6,000 prize orlered by Mr. Soule, proved a disgraceful farce. During the night previous Courtney's boats were sawed nearly in two, and he refused to row in auy of the others. Hanlan started annd cheers, rowing at the rate of 32 to the minute. The stroke was only slightly varied throughout the row. The course of fiye miles was rowed in 33.5614 minutes, lüaikie requested Charles M. Calvin of the New York Clipper to act as judge for Courtney , which he assented to," and at tbe close of the race declared Hanlan winner of the race and purse. The made by Hanlan is the best iive mile scull by 1 minute and 14,'- seconds. A dispatch f rom Miliedgeville, Ga. saysthat a band of men, numbering probably 10 or 12, after conimitting murder and arson, openly defy arrest and continue their work of depredation. The reign of the gang is so absolute over the people that they will not dare to teil any human being of their knowledge of the desperados. They have plenty oL arms, money and friends, An expresa train ran into a freight train on the Husquehanna road at Onconta Friday, by which the engineer and fireman of theexpress were killed and both locomotives badly dauiaged. The number of new cases of yelljwfever reported at Mem phis last week was 59, whites 42, colored 17 ; to date 1,480. Total deaths trom yellow fever for the week 31, to date 45C. At a meetinf? of the governors and representatives of the original colonies at Phüadelphia, on Saturtlay a resolution was adopted commending to the people of the United States such a celebration of the centennial anniversay of the surrender of Gor wallis at Yorktown as ñhall befat the hsitorical significance of that event, and present the greatnesa of the nation. It was aleo resolved that acommittee of one from each state to be nominated by the governors thereof, of whioh committee Gov. Holliday shall be chairman, be appoint ed to make proper arrangements for suoh celebraton. The wounded of the battle of Milk Creek arrived at lUwlins Saturday afternoon. The wounded, 82 in number, are all doing well. They were immcdiately placed on a train for transportation to Fort Steele and Fort Russell. Maj. Thornburgh's body was brought in by this party and shipped to Omaha. The party had stormy weather on the road. Kain began falling at Fortifacation Creek and continued for several days. The command was nine days on the road Wm. Hogg, one of the oldest and most respected citizens of Blooniington, 111., but a most eccentric man, who has recently been unfortunate in business, returning home at hoon Monday, shot his daughter Mary, aged 18, in the parlor, called hú on Willie, aged I2t who was playinir in the yard, ajd fired a pifitol shot through nis head, then Bteppiüg into the woodshed, placed the weapon to his own head and fired. The ball lodged in his brain and he feil upon the tíoor, where he was soon found by passers-by in a pool of bloud. The tanneries of Webster Bros. and Lincoln & Miller, together with several adjacent stores at BJalone, N. Y., burned Monday morning. Loss one hundred and flfty thousand dollars, insurance seveDty thousand dollars. Two hundred and fifty persons were thrown out of employment. The British ship Naturalist, 259 days out from Calcutta, for San Francisco, has been given up for lost, and the insurance companies having risk on her paid them Monday, aggregating $116,500, divided among twelve companies. A telegram to the Western Associated Press from Forest City, Ark., says: Three new cases of ycllow fever have developed. The fever is very malignant. Thirteen out of sixteen attacked ctied. F. L. Brantly, marshal of Whitesburg, Ga., shot and killed two negro girls last Saturday night. The murder was wanton and unprovoked. lïrantly escaped. The county jail at Breckenridge, Mimi. , burned Monday nicht. The only prisoner, a colctred man named Henry WÜSuK, ïVas burned to death. The Llnif3.i"Statos revenue cutter Richard Hnsii arriyed at Han Francisco Monday evening from Ounalaska. Her commander, GeoW. Bailey was ltst overboard on the 16th inst. during a heavy gale off Cape Hatteras. A cabinet meeting was held Tuesday, Secretaries Kvarts and McCrary The outbreak of the Ute Indians was considercd, but no change of policy with regard to the manner of dealing with hostiles was adopted; it being generally conceded that everything was being done that was possible for the governnient to do in the matter. POLÍTICAS. Wednesday evening's dispatchea from Ohio indícate tbat both branches of the Legislature will be Republican, and that Foster's inajority for Goyernor will be about 17,000. Returns f ram 43 counties in lowa on Wedneaday indícate a líepublican majority oti state ticket of 25.000 over all the three other partiea combined, and a Republican gain of 27,000 over 1877, and 19,000 over 1878. The seventh and sixth nongresaional districts electing Greenbackera to congress last y car, go Kepublican thia year. The aeventh, which guve Gillett, Greenbacker, for congresa 200 majority last year, givea 3,803 llcpnblicati majority thÍB year, every county going Republican. The Sixth, that elected Weaver, Greenbacker to congress last year, by 2,100, goefl Republican by 2,650 this year. At the cail of the Jackson county committee there was a meeting of Greenbackers at JackRoii attended by one hundrcd perRons or more. Mowefi W. Field ehairman of the State committee having declined to cali a State connvention, the Jackson meeting was called instead for cormultation. An addreaa to the GreenbackerB of the State waa adopted and the convention adjourned. Returns from 84 out of 88 counties in Ohio on Thursday give Foster, Kepublican, 19,027 Republicana elect 22 Senators and the, Demócrata 15; Republicana 70 membcrs of the lower house. lowa election returns on Thnrsday indícate that Gov. Geer'e majority over all hia competitors wïll be 25,000, Hia majorïty over Trimble (Democrat) will be about 80,000, and over Campbell (Greenbacker) about 105,000. In the legialatxire 26 out of 29 Hen a torn elected this year are Republicana, and 83 out of 100 I membera of the house. The Uepnblicans of Northern Ohio celebrated the election of tho lion . Charles Foster to the Governorship of the State at his home Friday night by the largeat meeting ever held there, the crowd being estimated variously at f rom 15,000 to 20,000. Excursión train came from all Doints on the thiee railroads ocntcring there, which could be reached, each uumbering from 10 to 15 coaches, loaded to their fullest cai acity. Mr. Foster made a short speech, estimating his majority at twenty thousand. The official canvass of the vote of Hamilton county, O., in which Cinciunati is situated, shows: Foster (Rep.) 29,616, Ewíds (Dem.) 25 ,'.171, Piatt (National) 159, Hood (Socialist) 451. Stewart (Prohibitionist) 28. Tbe Inmisiana Hepublican state conventio met at New Orleans Monday. A. J. Dumon was made permanent chairman, and Taylo Beattie was nominated for governor by accla mation. A committee of 15 was appointed t select candidates for the other state offices. The Kepublican State Convention of Louisi ana reassembled Tuesday and the State ticke ws coinpleted as follows: For Lieutenant Governor - James M. Gil lespie. Attorney-General- Judge Don A. Pardee. Auditor - Claudiu Mayo. Superintendent Publio Educ&tion- Dr. M F. Bonzano. Secretary of Btate- James D. Kennedy (col oced). The Chicago Republican county convention has nominated Wm. T. Johnson for county treasurer; John J. Healey, clerk of-the su perior court; Sidney Smith, judge of the su perior court, and a full ticket of commiBsion ers. PERSONAL. It is understood that the friends of James lVed patü have inf orniation that he is still alive Captain Eads, who is now in Europe, is goiug to Egypt to study the tíuez Canal. Mr. George Bancroft, the historian, has lef' Newport f or his winter home in Washington Jamep Gordon Bennett of the New York Herald will sail for India next month and be absent a year, Kv . Wm. K. Whitinghall, Episcopal bishop of Maryland, died at his snmmer house, Orange, N . J., Friday morning, aged 74. Hon. 8. A. Corker, a prominent lawyer ano former member of Congresa from Georgia died Saturday. Sir Garnet Wolseley will ahortly reoeive the decoration of the Grand Cross of the Bath. When last heard from James Redpath, the missing lecture bureau man, was in Jamaica. Von Bulow, Germán secretary of state for foreign affairs, died Monday at Frankfort-onthe-Main. Ex-empress Eugenie, notwithstanding all eftorts to disanade her, will ombark in February for Zululand, to pray on the apot where her son was killed. The steamer St. Paul, with the Grant party on board, arrlved at San Francisco Tuesday morning from Portland. Alice Hooper, step-daughter of the late Charles Sumner, was married at Boston Friday, to Edward Balfour, nephew of the earl of Cawdor. FOREIGIÑ. The Pall Mali Gazette mentions as evidence of the eagerness of the American demand for iron that oneot the principal British railways have sold for American account 30,000 tons of oíd rails at L4 per ton, oí about the price that new iron rails commanded two months ago. A conference of delegates ropreaenting 14,000 minera was held Wedneaday at Leeds, MacDonald presiding. A resol u ti on was passad in favor of the national emigration scheme, to lessen competition among minera. The scheme consista of a aystem of small weekly subscriptions, snbscribers after a certain time to ballot for chancea to emigrate, Thoae going to America will receive LG and passage raonej ; to Australia or New Zealand, 4'12 and passage money. On the Rubsidence of the floods in the province of Murcia, Spain, .80 dead bodies were found. It is believed that oyer one hundred persons perished. The Afghan regiments who left (ihuence to join the mutineers were diapersed 25 miles from Cabul, leaving 12 guns behind them. Eighty-five guns and mortars and a quantity of amninnition for both artillery and amall arma were found in Bala Hissar. ün Friday snow was f al) ing at Vienna thickly, and sïx inches deep. At Grotz the snow was several feet deep. Such weather is unprecedented at this time of the year. The Austrian and Hungarian governments have accepted the war estimatea for the xnaiutenance of the imperial army at an effective force of 800,000 men for the next ten years, The Hungarion gtvernment has aubmitted with this estímate a statement ahowing that when the military ayetems now in progresa are completed. Italy will have 2,000,000 soldier. France now has 1.15,000 soldiers and in 1892 will have 2,723,000, and Ru asi a airead y disposes of 2,389,000 soldiers, while AustroHungary has 1,194,000. The expedition to explore the ancient bed of the Oxns with a view to connecting it with the Caspian fSea has been abandoned, 1he difficulties being found practically insurmountable. At an anti-land rent meeting at Newport county Mayo, Ireland, Öunday tive thousand persons attended. The released fenian Michael Davitt was present. Resolutions calling for the abatement of renfs passedThe latest news from AH Khcyl represent that the frontier tribes, ince learning of the fall of Cabul, are dispersing. At a conference on the land question, held in Dublin Monday, it was decided to form a land league for Ireland. Parnell was elected president. He will come to the United otates to invoke aid of Irishmen here in the cause. The Cornisb. nmeitera have advanced tin L4c per ton. Numerous commitees have been formed in Paris for the relief of the sufferers by floods in Spain. It ia stated that King Alfonso has declared that, in view of the calamity, all sunis which iudividuals or public bodiea intend to con tribute towards the celebration of his marriage be devoted to the relief of the sufiferers.


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