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Great Is Michigan In Senatorial Resources

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That llichifran is a great state tfiere iï.no doubt. She is noted for her vast Iumber fovests, her inexhaustible salt supply, minarais, excellent schools : bat not uiitil a recent date has she bccomo tfltO -.'■ifi ■;! n fienatorial resources, ye.vr l'c,'J will strtnd förth pre-euiineut Hl tiorciironolbgy as the period during re uien have donnt-d tho mini föria] toga,tban in an equal time in any .otjicr state in the union. Indeed we öre bljj of nranufaoturing two senators jicr woek. What state can beat this ? Ten, what One can match it ?■ Marot 4, 1SR1, the ny when the sen ftthr next chc?on by the legislature takes í'ln o:ith of oflioo, tliere will have been fonT gtrntlemiftl invested with tlu: power of representing Micbipm in the senate of the Uiiited States dunng tlie regular terco oí' six years. Possibly by nu insorutablo doeree or injudicious exercise of the appointing power the ruin may be increased to one per anjium. 'l'iía oonlition of 1873 brougbt forth í'irifÍHlir..v n. -,í rfüiuki! t to tilo rjngS wnicli controlled GfrañFs adcujnititiii tion, Cliandler being-an important factdr in tho olement that well nirh irreckad the party in 1874. Chandler ïocally was like Grant nationally. Botli becarae repugtiant to thebetterelements. The loss of state after state awoke the party to a rwilizin sense of the situati-on, the outcoine of whieh was Chaudler ttnd tliose lil.r him were remanded Jo tho i'car. Cliristiancy bnoaiae an nrnnst supporter of the idniinistration ■wliich owcrl its existence to Ohandlür. This ChmidliT saw, and, ut once eet on i'oot a schcuio tliiough which h vacancy was created, kuowing full woll tlmt be ju.uiil liecoiue Ohristiancy's sucoessor. Sis death made another vacancy. 'Jov. Groswoll cnets his visión ovor our broad sovereignty in searchot' a sucoes8or competent to reflect credit upon this state - FcTiy bñing a nonentity- so great in resources. It alights upon a naighbor, the least competent of all, counoction with the honor. Töo old gentleman - his name is Fernando C. Beaman of Adrián - retires in ibe proui consciousness of senatorial efignity to tltoata of electoral commissions, subsidies, lobbyists, Ac, to awake in thö morning to road most nnwelcorae criticism upon his incapacity. It did not rain, it pourtd from all sections of the state. To be characterized by prora - inent merubors of his party, a granny, iwbecilo, superannuated, incompetent, was a load too grievous to be borne - and he resigns. The vacancy remains. Detroit, a little town nort-heast of Adrián, secures the prizo in the person of ex-Gov. Henry P. Baldwin, and Bagley's friends therefore ara discomflted. Our latest representativo iu the highor branoh of the national legislature is a man of great wea'lth, aristocratie, and who will be unable to fill the shoes of Chandler ia any politica! respect. Without a follOwing in bis party, ho will rest content ■with the honor thrust upon hira uutil his party elects bis successor in 1881. For a long timo charges have been ipade agninst our minister to China, Seward, alleging le bolouged to a ring ditslionuritly iuaking mouey. Seward feit safe in tho faot that his cousin Fred was assistent seoretary of state. Charges oiroe so fast that tüo lutter has been obliged to resign, the administraron believing he has been proteeting his relative in his shamefnl career. Fred is a son of the distinguished deceased statesinan inheriting in a superior degree his talonts, standing high in the estimation of the public, and has been doubtless deceived by his cousin. Col. John Hay, the well known private secretary of Jresident Lincoln, suooeeds him. Th o sad sea waves sang a requiera over the bodies of roany persons within the past week. Ten individuals met an untimely grave inlake Ontario near Oswego ou Monday and many another rescued in an nntxascious condition. A blinding, violent snow srorm unloosed several lats frora a ttig.and lives and property ■were sacriñeo I tu w.uters perilg. A severa galo on laUi! Michigan on Wednesday wrocki-,1 boat after on the beach aear Grind il;.'in,seveni.l crews barely saving their livet. Last wcfck was big with events in Clneagn, Önin ( iidiiitr the annnal revuiion of tlic ainiy ot tln Te.nncsaee, and of ooiwsejjie central figure around which Aermaa nd the tegsei lights revolved. All ihc Fwiln),vls con verging ther-e wem taxed to their utmost, crowded strects fnll of jostling humanity, wholeBalors, happy over the wants of country rütailérs, together liít a large amount of bionuy in the city, wliether it did or did nüt aid trie Grant bouiu.


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